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Laura Rogers, Paul Grenier and I have been looking over our SharePoint “basics” material, trying to find a way to make it more relevant and useful to Site Managers, Site Collection Managers and companies who have rolled out SharePoint without a specific plan for Information Worker training.

What we have come up with is a series of live online Train the Trainer sessions.

Sure, we would love to come to your company and deliver live, in-person training, but that doesn’t seem to be what people are looking for anymore. Next best solution: we certify someone on your in-house team to deliver basic, SharePoint Information Worker training using our resources and materials. Train the Trainer Series is a set of workshops that gives you all the resources and training materials needed to deliver a full range of basic SharePoint Information Worker training to your team or company.

  • Lists and Libraries
  • Blogs and Wikis
  • Word and SharePoint
  • Excel and SharePoint
  • Outlook and SharePoint

Hidden Benefit

There is a huge financial incentive for a company to certify someone in-house to deliver Information Worker training. A consultant trainer can charge $2500.00 to $10,000.00 per day plus expenses to come to your facility. For technical subjects, this is fair for everyone because the knowledge transfer is so specialized. But is it really necessary for the typical Information Worker who just needs simple solutions to their everyday work with SharePoint? That’s where a certified, in-house trainer can step in.

But there is a real, hidden benefit in having an in-house trainer for your SharePoint Information Worker training, too. When a contract trainer comes to your company to deliver live training, one of the most difficult tasks for the trainer is to quickly assess context and relevant examples with the participants… how does the material relate to real world problems at the company? By having a trainer in-house, context is built in!

That’s why we are proposing the live online Train the Trainer sessions.

Format and Material

Here’s the way it works: We have developed five modules of Information Worker training that we will make available to you through live online sessions. Each session covers one module.

We walk you through the material for each module, talk to you about the best practices for delivering it to the Information Workers in your company and answer your questions about how to present the material in that module. We want you to feel comfortable, not just in presenting the material, but in your ability to customize it for your company’s needs.

Content for each session includes presentation materials, presenter resource files and access to an on-demand recording of the session. There is no time limit on how long you will be able to access the on-demand recording.

At the conclusion of the Train the Trainer series, if you have participated in every workshop in the series and have demonstrated basic proficiency with the material, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement to verify your status as a certified in-house trainer for

Time Frame

The workshops are delivered in two hours sessions. There are five modules, each a stand-alone module, ready to be delivered by you to your SharePoint Information Workers.

  • Lists and Libraries
  • Blogs and Wikis
  • Word and SharePoint
  • Excel and SharePoint
  • Outlook and SharePoint

This set of five modules will give you and your team the core pieces needed for bringing Information Workers up to speed for daily use of SharePoint.

Why is Doing This?

If this offer is so good for you, what’s in it for me, Mark Miller? My business is delivering live online training. That’s what I do for a living. Why am I apparently willing to give my livelihood away?

The typical SharePoint Information worker is not taking workshops for three reasons: training is perceived as being too expensive, it is too time consuming for their schedules, they don’t know where to look or who to trust for training. Surprisingly, the third one is larger than you might think. Because of this, certified in-house trainers are the best people to deliver timely, relevant topics within their own company when it comes to basic SharePoint Information Worker training. 

Pushing entry level training to the in-house level makes companies better equipped to deliver relevant, contextual training to the people who will benefit the most: Information Workers.  By offering to train and certify an in-house trainer, becomes a hero to your company, remains the first company of choice when advanced SharePoint training is needed, and opens up time for us to develop more material for our core audience.

The audience for live online workshops is the Site Manager, Site Collection Manager and Power User who must maintain multiple SharePoint sites and support the SharePoint Information Workers in their company. Site Managers and Site Collection Managers; that’s my core audience. I will continue to provide live online workshops for this group. has about 20 sessions in the next two months focused exclusively on topics for Site Managers and Site Collection Managers: No Assembly Solutions, Tricks and Traps, Information Architecture, jQuery for Everyone, and a couple other surprises coming in the next few weeks.

If I can help develop a certified in-house trainer for your company, it will help me keep lazer focus on my core audience while helping you get buy-in from from your largest SharePoint user base, the Information Worker. We both win: you become a SharePoint SuperStar at your company and you trust me when you need SharePoint training for yourself or your Power Users. 

Business Motivation

The cost for sessions in the Train the Trainer series is less expensive than the licensing fee I usually charge for these sessions, much less for the training. How can I afford to do it this way?

It’s simple: there is a broad audience of readers and followers who trust me because of what the contributing authors and I are providing here at It is humbling when I think about it: over 6600 people have asked to be on the Weekly Newsletter list, there are another few thousand on the RSS feed and now a couple hundred following everything I say on Twitter!

The attendance and participation in the live online workshops this year has been pleasantly shocking! Last year I was on the road about 20 weeks out of the year. By moving my business model online, I now have access to thousands of people I wouldn’t normally be able to reach.

Instead of being dependant upon finding large companies to pay for my services and expenses, I now have direct access to the people who actually need SharePoint training, who find out about me through word of mouth,, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, SharePoint Saturdays and through the Weekly Newsletter.

So yes, I am willing to do Train the Trainer sessions, give away my material and provide help to in-house trainers because I think it’s a way to continue to grow my business and build a larger community of evangelists.


Attend the live online Train the Trainer Sessions and becoming certified as your company’s in-house SharePoint trainer. I’ll supply the material and the expertise, you provide the in-house training.

What I am offering is the chance for your company to save tens of thousands of dollars in consulting trainer fees. You become your company’s SharePoint SuperStar and I gain your trust as the goto company for live online SharePoint training.  

I would very much appreciate it if you would pass the word to anyone you think might be interested in acting as an in-house trainer for SharePoint at your company. I have the material, resources and the expertise for creating a top-notch, in-house SharePoint trainer. Let’s work together to get it done.

I look forward to seeing you in the sessions.

Mark Miller
Founder and Editor


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