Japan: Releasing Trauma Tonight with EFT - 22/03/11 (6.45-9.00pm) hosted by Anne Munro-Kua Ph.D. EFT Practitioner, AAMET (RSVP)

Welcome to the Emotional Freedom Community Cafe 2011!

Multiple tragedies in Japan!

I was leading an EFT workshop recently, just after hearing alarming news about the nuclear power station dangers at Fukushima. And I mentioned that I was feeling really sad about the multiple traumas the Japanese people are facing.... and suddenly I found myself bursting into tears at the horror of it all. I looked around the group and everyone else was also choked up and obviously very emotional..... so we tapped and tapped to balance our energies and soon our sadness subsided and we all felt calm again... then we decided to do some more tapping - this time on behalf of the Japanese people .... sending our loving energy in their direction. By the time we had completed a few rounds of tapping - we felt centred, calm and in a strong place to send compassionate healing thoughts ....we'd like to encourage you to do the same!  On March 22nd we'll focus on traumatic experiences and how they affect us and how we can use EFT to process it so that we recall events with a new clarity and yet they no longer upset us.

Your feelings & EFT

Do you have unresolved emotional issues that you have stuffed down, or you express inappropriately, hoping they will go away? If you do, you are not alone, as stressout caused by modern day "pressures" has reached epidemic proportions.  EFT allows you to process your "stress" into calmness and confidence.

Join our monthly EFT Community Cafe so that you can acquire this practical this easy to learn method along with others who are curious about a process that can sometimes work when nothing else will!(see : www.emofree.com for tons of testimony on wideranging applications). Meet others who have used EFT regularly for the joy of self esteem, family harmony and freedom from depression etc.

What happens at the Cafe ?

Our EFT Community Cafe meets monthly, as a service to the community, with a group of preregistered participants. We begin with a brief introduction to EFT and everyone engages in EFT throughout the hands-on practical session so that all participants leave with some benefit. Anne leads the session by working 1:1 in a "practical tapping demonstration" with volunteers on their specific issues. Here are some of the topics we focussed on in 2009 & 2010: 

  • Use EFT to discover H2 access your good stress for success and fulfillment!
  • EFT to neutralise the emotional trauma of snatch theft & to happily get on with life
  • EFT to process different aspects of grief & be able to think of the person with joy
  • EFT to release the emotions around stress & be calm, alert and competent
  • EFT to release the "emotional memory" behind self-doubt & to be able to be self confident
  • EFT to release anger/resentment in families caring for aging parents for authentic compassion
  • EFT to overcome Attention Defecit Disorder for calmness & concentration in marking papers
  • EFT to tap on emotional aspects linked to diabetes for self-esteem & proactivity re the condition
  • EFT to neutralise aspects of the economic crisis for more calmness, creativity & success
  • EFT to release inner blocks for more self-esteem and confidence in speaking up in a group
  • EFT to  lower blood pressure to aid post operative healing  
  • EFT to release anger and arthritic pain for more calmness and laughter.

Because we want everyone to benefit simultaneously from the demo with one specific person, we implement a borrowing benefits process. This means that everyone who attends can benefit by tapping on their own personal issues (only known to them). And this means that by the end of each session everyone has become really relaxed and most participants report having released some emotional intensity associated with their specific issues. Thank you also to veteran tappers for attending to share your testimony and inspiring others to tap persistently.

We look forward to meeting old friends and new ones at this next session!

Meanwhile, good skills with your daily tapping! Please make a note of your successes, your questions and your challenges, so that you can share them with the group next time.

Love, Light, Liberation and Laughter,

Anne Munro-Kua Ph.D, MANLP, MANLPCoach, C&EK Coach, EFT Practitioner Level 2 (AAMET)

For Life-changing Skills at work & Play


What is EFT ?

Based on the ancient principles of Acupuncture, EFT is a simple tapping procedure that gently realigns the body's energy system, without the use of needles.

What if you learn EFT?

Benefit 1: EFT tapping can lead to more relaxation:

Imagine being like Hock Seng, able to use EFT to release your anger/stress in traffic jams; release your anxiety about your children ; and release your frustration with your boss/ long working hours. Hock Seng learnt to use EFT each time he felt his negative emotions taking charge. Soon, his colleagues and especially his family, began to notice how calm and considerate he had become. And the bonus was, his doctor discovered his blood pressure had dropped significantly from it's previously high rating.

Benefit 2: EFT tapping can clean out "stored" emotions

Rosnah, a 41 year old client of Anne's, wanted to have more self-confidence at work in dealing with "difficult" customers. She explored the possible root causes and found a very strong "stored" memory of being humiliated in front of her class at age 6. Through regular tapping Rosnah was able to neutralise her negative memories and build a new relaxed self-confidence with all customers.

Benefit 3: EFT tapping can relieve physical pain

Shalini had experienced terrible migraines for 18 years. Through EFT tapping, the pain disappeared and stayed away. As a result, she was able to sleep well and had lots more energy.



Name Price
EFT Community Cafe: Tuesday October 20th (6.45-9.00pm) Free
EFT Community Cafe 2009: 22/09/09 Hari Raya Holiday!! Free
EFT Community Cafe 2009: August 18th (6.45pm-9.00pm) Free
EFT Community Cafe February 23rd 2010 (6.45-9.00pm) Free
EFT Community Cafe 23rd March 2010 (6.45-9.00pm) Free
EFT Community Cafe April 20th 2010 (6.45-9.00pm) Free
EFT Community Cafe 29/06/10 (6.45-9.00pm) Free
EFT Community Cafe 28/09/10 ( 6.45 - 9.00pm) Free
EFT Community Cafe 26/10/10 ( 6.45-9.00pm) Free
EFT Community Cafe 26/10/10 (6.45-9.00pm) Free
Emotional Freedom Cafe: 18/01/11(6.45-9.00pm) Free
EFT Community Cafe 2011: March 22nd 6.45-9-00pm Free

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