Angel's Path to the Soul Weekend

You are never alone.
Angels are always by your side, waiting for opportunities to guide you into a profound experience of your soul.

Learn how to receive this guidance so you can make better decisions and develop more loving relationships.

Experience renewal as your angels guide you to the depth of your soul and the tender caress of God’s healing love. It’s easy to let go of old stories, pain and behaviors in this state of loving calmness.

Be a part of this rare opportunity to receive the loving guidance of your angels! Experience a variety of meditation practices to release emotions, gain self-awareness, and connect with God9s healing love. Leave with a plan of action! 

Register for just one event or Jump In for the whole weekend! 

Angel Love Healing Circle
Friday, September 28 from 7:00 – 10:00 pm $44

Do you want to experience the healing presence of God’s love? Step into the Healing Circle and you will:

  • Learn to receive answers toyour most important questions from a place of love, truth, and freedom.

  • Discover ways to deeper yourdaily experience by bringing your spiritual desires into all aspects of life. 
  • Learn to dynamically use tools such as desire, prayer, meditation, music and Angel Love Cards to find a deeper connection with your soul, with God, and the healing love you need.

"It was like having a question and answer session
with my heart." -- Jesse Lopez

Jewels of the Soul Workshop
Saturday, September 29 from 10:00 am – 7:00 pm $195

Jewels are the powerful realizations from your soul that guide you to truth. Discover your Jewels from the Soul as you learn to create a direct connection with the aspect of God9s love that you need most.

During this profound day of discovery, you will:

  • Learn to the use Essential Spiritual Practices of prayer, desire, potent spiritual teachings, meditation, music, and Angel Love Cards to find the answers you seek through a deeper connection with yourself, your angels, and God

  • Experience God’s personal love for you!

  • Open your Jewel Box and discover it9s treasures

  • Make better decisions by gaining vital self-awareness as you explore your feelings and desires

  • Learn how to receive assistance from your angels during every circumstance in life

  • Boost your results by tapping into the power of your super-consciousness and the Spiritual Realm

  • Assemble your personal spiritual support team so that more love, truth, and freedom are always the outcome to any situation

  • Design your personalized spiritual practice program with daily, weekly and monthly activities to deepen your life experiences and bring your spiritual desires into all aspects of life

"This is what I was looking for!" -- Fidelia Heredia

Private Healing Sessions
By appointment Friday Sept. 28, Sunday Sept. 30, Monday October 1 $150

What do you want?

Healing? Love? Peace?
A change in your life?
To feel more fulfilled?

A deeper connection with your soul or God?

Kimberly takes you on a guided meditation into the temple of your soul to experience the healing power of God’s love and the profound change that results. Experience the love that your heart is crying for! 50-minute session.


Hotel space is limited so register now!


What participants are saying:

This was the real, true connection. I want to stay in that state of God9s love, it was so overwhelming -- such love!
-- Jackie Devereaux (Michigan) 

 *   *   *

I felt the oneness of us all. We all essentially had one intention, one focus - to know ourselves as love, to love ourselves enough to do whatever it takes to get to the point of unconditional self love and self acceptance, and THEN take it out wherever we are led to express.
-- Ramona Font (CA)

*   *   * 

I’m calling on God and Angels more often in situations. That is good. Sometimes I’ll catch myself falling into old patterns and have to say a quick plea, or I get a sudden sense to change what I’m doing or saying. The beauty is I change it quickly! – Lucy (Michigan)

*   *   *
BeLoved Kimberly, my life is so beautiful! I pray all day and say thank you my Lord in heaven and all his Angels. Thanks for your help to change my life. -- Marc Johannes (Germany)

*   *   *
Angels are always in my life, but now I can communicate with them in a way that I9ve never done before!!!!  thanks so much. my life is full of love now. thank you very much indeed.
– francesca

*   *   *
Since my session with you my whole life has changed.  You taught me how to scream (fantastic), how to swear (even better) and how to feel like a total bloody idiot and still hang on in there.  You have helped me reconnect to all that I ever was and I have not been able to stop writing since that week.  I have written a six episode sit- com for tv, started a book and been asked (totally out of the blue) to write a column for a big website.  I am getting positive feedback from all areas of the universe and totally surprising opportunities have opened up for me out of nowhere.

I cannot express the gratitude, respect and profound love I have for you. You brought me back to life. Sincere thanks. -- Kate Ogle (UK)

*   *   *
We met in Hamburg a few weeks ago and you touched my soul so deeply with your words. You told me: “Your soul is calling you home.”  I remember our meeting and your words every time when everything seems to be too hard to stand. Now I connect with one of your wonderful “Angel Love” cards every morning and I feel much more comfortable – to read the text and think about it is like a short meditation every day. Thank you so much. I really hope we meet again. With love, Claudia (Germany)

*   *   *
I am really thankful I had the chance to come so close to myself. I heard my deepest wishes for the first time, and in such truthfulness. I believe in myself.

I made many decisions to change things in my life. I will change almost everything. Today, my mind is going to start to control all these things. My mind talk the whole day:  it is not so important to move away, it is not so importent to do this and this……

But I will go for my deepest feeling I ever had and I will believe in myself.  If there are doubts, I go back and remember this deep, deep feeling and how close I have been to God. 

Kimberly I thank you very much. You brought me so close to God and to myself! In love, Eva Kammermann (Switzerland)

*   *   *
Quite a lot is going on for me and yet I do feel the presence of God more and in more ways. I am changing the way I feel towards my relationship and seeing outside the illusion more and more. I can see how I am giving my self the opportunity to heal a deep hurt. It’s so deep that I do not know what to do so I am giving it up to God. Into his presence I shall enter now.

I have discovered that there are layers upon layers of fear and so I ask only to feel the love of God, and with this I feel peace and from there I feel safe and from there I feel protected and from there I feel connected and from there I am soft and open to gentle guidance and I feel my heart and then I truly care and everything else falls into place.

Thank you for reminding me of this. I am so grateful it takes the panic away. -- Akushi (UK)

*   *   *
The cards are wonderful Kimberly, there is so much wisdom in them. To me, the cards are all about forgiving, every single one of them. I never found a source that was so clear about how to act on feelings and how to listen to them. The answer is so simple: with love.
It9s all about love. -- Marieke van Diepen (Holland)

Kimberly MarooneyRev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney has been described as a pioneer in the field of angelology and spiritual transformation. A gifted author, mystic, workshop leader, radio host, and spiritual counselor, she has helped hundreds of thousands of people world wide open to God9s love, heal and move forward on their life paths.

A respected author, her three internationally acclaimed books for self-transformation follow the angel9s path to the soul: Angel Blessings Cards of Sacred Guidance
and Inspiration, Your Guardian Angel,
and Angel Love Cards of Divine Devotion, Faith and Grace.

These books are profound because they contain the essence and presence of the angelic beings that came forward to assist with their creation. When you use them, it9s like having the pager number for the divine - and the angels are responsive! They are just waiting for you to ask.

Kimberly9s life is devoted to helping others have experiences of the personal presence of God and the healing power of His love.  

Name Sales End Price Fee
Angel Love Healing Circle   Ended $44 $1.1
Jewels of the Soul Workshop   Ended $195 $4.88
Private Healing Session   Ended $150 $3.75
Your Guardian Angel (Book)   Ended $27 $0.99
Angel Love Cards (Book & Card Set)   Ended $35 $0.99

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