Bill Anderson Lecture: Measuring America’s Well-being


The AARP Office of Social Impact cordially invites you to the 

3rd Annual Bill Anderson Lecture :

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Measuring America’s Wellbeing | Economics and …

Home › Newsroom › 2009 › October › Measuring America’s Wellbeing. ... Blank was the keynote luncheon speaker for the AARP Annual Bill Anderson Lecture Series.

UMass Feinberg Lecture Series Measuring the Value of …

2008-09 UMass Feinberg Lecture Series Measuring the Value of ... insights into the value we place on individual lives and well-being. ... 1967 Bill Baird, father of ...

NY Times Buries The Lede: Anderson Cooper’s Ratings ...

Sep 29, 2011 · ... Anderson Cooper has consistently been getting more viewers than Lawrence O'Donnell which ... By any measure, ... anderson cooper, Bill Carter ...

Nevada unemployment claims for October show continued trend of stability

While claims now appear to be at a stable level, initial claims have fallen compared to the previous year in 54 of the past 59 months, said Bill Anderson ... a stop to the weight gain by joining us at Well Being, a new private fitness studio in Carson ...

Carson Now • 11/21/2014

Glock: America's Gun

Their silence is just one measure of how thoroughly Gaston Glock—a former curtain-rod maker from Austria whose company manufactured the pistols used in Tucson and Killeen—has managed to dominate not just the …

Businessweek • By Paul M. Barrett • 1/13/2011

Guest Post: Why I Am A Faerie Witch

At that time in my life, I didn’t know about Maslow’s hierarchy, but I found Witchcraft to be the only spiritual path that included physical and emotional well-being ... in Victor Anderson’s tradition which at this time …

Patheos • 4/30/2014

Wisconsin is about breaking up the union racket

Scott Walker's budget repair bill, the Democratic legislators made ... that don't rely on the power of the state for their well-being. Walker wants to give members of public-sector unions a measure of this same autonomy. Perhaps some of these members ...

OregonLive • 3/2/2011

Heartbeats: Hunterdon Healthcare employees get walking

The summer walking challenge allowed employees to create a team and measure their steps using a pedometer or ... maintain body weight and lower the risk of obesity, enhance mental well-being, reduce the risk of osteoporosis, reduce the risk of breast ...

My Central Jersey • 9/16/2014

How higher education is leading us astray

Now the education bubble is bursting. The bubble’s start can be traced to the GI Bill, whereby the government got into ... that the world of profits is somehow divorced from the well-being of people. It’s criminal when “profits” are doled out ...

The Christian Science Monitor • By Bill Bonner • 10/31/2011

Marc L. Miringoff, 58, Dies; Measurer of Social Health

Dr. Miringoff, an associate professor of social policy at Fordham University, founded the Fordham Institute for Innovation in Social Policy in 1985. He achieved prominence through the development of a new report card to measure the nation's well-being.

New York Times • By Eduardo Porter • 3/6/2004

The Semiotics of the Seal

It appears all around campus—on the side of Lowell Lecture Hall or the base of the Anderson footbridge ... House of Representatives is currently considering House Bill 3412, a measure which would establish a special commission to determine whether ...

Harvard Crimson • 3/14/2008

Video games are not what kill people

The bill was vetoed ... the attacks a measure was introduced by Sen. Jay Rockefeller, chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee, to tell the National Academy of Sciences to probe the impact of violent video games on children's well-being.

Tampa Bay Times • 1/5/2013

Misguided by Higher Education

And then, they destroyed some of the biggest businesses in America. Typically, in a correction ... that the world of profits is somehow divorced from the well-being of people. It’s criminal when “profits” are doled out to banks and “too big ...

The Daily Reckoning • 10/29/2011

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