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Presentation Dates & Location: 

June 10, 17 & 24 at the Cawthra Community Centre - Mississauga ON

June 19, July 3 & 10 at the Malton Community Centre - Mississauga ON  

Call (416) 747-0762 or (800) 604-8341 to confirm attendance

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In good times and in bad times, you can Build Real Wealth! Build Real Wealth brings a fresh perspective to the subject of financial prosperity.

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Building Real Estate Wealth was created by Marco Santarelli in an effort to help educate those who share his interest in, and passion for, real estate investing.

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One must first define what wealth is to them before they can learn how to build wealth. Once it has been defined, then it's just 3 simple steps.

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4 green houses, then a red hotel is the formula for success in Monopoly, but it is also the formula for building great wealth in real estate investing.

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At Mercer Advisors, we have a long history of helping clients build real wealth and retire on their own terms. The key to a successful retirement is


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