Affiliate Marketing Training

Learn How To Set Up An Affiliate Business That You Can Run From Home With No Hassles Regarding Stock, Shipping Products, Merchant Accounts, Or Staff… Where You Get To Choose The Hours You Work… And You Can Literally Make Money While You Sleep.


My name is Wayne Hodson and I would like to personally invite you to attend my upcoming workshop where I will teach you the tools and strategies that the experts in the industry use to make money in the affiliate marketing industry.

Many of you know me from seminars held in Adelaide over the years but for the others I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself. I am a full time Internet Marketer, Copywriter, and Sales Strategist. Way back in the early days I started my working career as a carpenter and joiner before moving into the IT industry, training and sales.

And Yes, just like most people I used to trade my time for money. When I wanted more money I’d simply work more hours. That was how it worked and “at the time” that seemed sensible. In reality, I simply didn’t know any better.

What is affiliate marketing?

In its simplest form, affiliate marketing is where you receive a financial reward for providing customers to the owner of a product or service. It is Big Business. Best of all, anyone can do it and you don’t need to make a massive financial commitment to set yourself up.

Many people have never heard of the affiliate marketing process before and you might be wondering what type of companies are involved in this industry. As I said before this is Big Business with billions of dollars turning over every year. Companies involved include major industry leaders such as Toshiba and Amazon right down to your neighbour’s new e-book on how to grow bigger tomatoes. You will be surprised to discover the secrets behind many of the websites that you visit.

You will learn the automated systems and technology that allow you to do a job once, but get paid over and over and quite literally… even while you sleep!

 Disclaimer: What Are You Looking For…

If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme then please keep your money and stop reading right now. I do not promise to make you rich overnight and I can not tell you how to make any money without any effort on your part. Yes, there are people in this industry making their fortunes, but as a rule it takes time and effort to grow this business just like any other.

I do not, and will not, make any promise of any income potential as your success will ultimately depend on many factors including but not limited to your efforts and the market and products you choose to service.

Like many industries, there are different levels of knowledge within this industry. What I can tell you is that I will teach you what you need to do to get started and most importantly How To Do It. Then it’s up to you to implement these strategies.

Once you have mastered these steps there are endless opportunities to ramp up your business model and further capitalise on the massive potential within this marketplace. This is the most exciting phase of your businesses evolution and it will be discussed during the training sessions.

You are still reading so you are obviously one of the realistic people that realise that all good things require some effort. Now, let’s discuss what the benefits of working in this industry are…

Some of the reasons why you would want to be an affiliate marketer:

  •  Flexible hours – Work during the day, late at night, only during school hours, In between lectures at University – It’s your choice. You have the freedom to look after your children or enjoy lunch with friends.
  • Flexible Location – Work from the office, home or anywhere in the world that you can connect to the internet
  • You do not need your own product – the merchant has done all the hard work for you
  • You don’t need to hold stock of the product
  • You do not need your own merchant account to accept payment for the goods as the products owner handles all the payments
  • There is nothing to ship – the merchant handles all the shipping to the customer
  • You don’t have any customer support issues as the merchant handles these
  • You do not need to hire full time staff. NB: You may choose to outsource something that you can’t, or don’t want to, do yourself. Some affiliate marketers choose to employ staff or outsource more and more tasks as they ramp up their business to the next levels.
  • Once you have built you business to a financially viable level you would have the ability to work from home which means…
    • No frustration fighting the traffic and waiting at the lights every day on the way to and from work.
    • How much time do you spend travelling to and from work a week? If you spend 45 minutes a day, that’s an extra 3 hours and 45 minutes every week that you could spend working on your new business, or going to the beach, or going out to dinner with family and friends.
    • $$$ – You’ll save all that petrol money and wear and tear on your car.
    • You can work in comfortable clothes from the comfort of your couch as you listen to your favourite music while enjoying a freshly made coffee.
    • Who cares what the weathers like outside… you don’t have to go out in it unless you choose to!
    • Lower cost of entry compared to the traditional business or franchise model and how inexpensive is can be to ramp up your profits once you have a winning formula. This is where this business model really comes into its own.
    • It’s easy to quickly enter a new market to capitalise on a new trend.
    • The massive range of industries available to choose from. EG: Dating, Technology, Golf etc.
    • There are many reasons that make this a great industry and this is a excellent starting point before expanding into other profitable business models for Internet Marketing

So as you can see, working as an affiliate marketer can provide you with many rewarding lifestyle options. You can choose the hours you work and where you work. This is perfect for those wanting to work from home as they enjoy time with their family watching them grow.

The Critical Element Of “What To Do” Versus “How To Do It”

One thing that I have noticed in all of the training I have undertaken is that the level of training varies immensely. I have trained using mentors, live classroom lessons, telephone and online training sessions, self paced training, videos and DVD’s, and plain and simple old fashioned manuals and workbooks.

Regardless of the training method being offered, and even the price of the training, sometimes the experts reveal what to do but leave out the critical “How To Do It.” If you want to know “How To Do It” you have to upgrade to their even more expensive training.

Another problem is that they will leave out some important information presuming that you know this. As an example: “insert you code here” but they do not tell you where to get that code from.

The training you will receive in this course will include “STEP BY STEP – HOW TO DO IT” instructions.

So What Exactly Are You Going To Learn?
By the time you finish training on Sunday night you will have all the information that you need to start an affiliate marketing business. Even if you are reading this now and do not know what a hosting account is, you will be able to literally go home and start signing up with a hosting company that very night using the step by step instruction that you will receive.
You will also be able to go home and build your very own website. Yes, I did say “You” can build it. As long as you can follow a few instructions and can use a computer and standard word processing packages such as MS Word you will be able to build it yourself. There is some work involved but I am confident that the instructions will be very easy to follow as I have recorded every step that you will need to take.
You are probably wondering what sort of websites you could possibly create. On the right there are images of just three of the hundreds of quality templates that you will be able to choose from when you make your website. These images are a little blurry because they appear like that on the template site.
So that you can see a real life example of the quality of website that you could build I have used the very same instructions that you will receive, and one of the very same templates that you could choose to create this very website that you are reading right now. So you could build your very own quality website that you would be proud to show off to your family and friends.
If you are still thinking that you don’t want to set it up yourself you could always outsource this part of your business and then you would just update the content as required. There really is no excuse that will prevent you from getting up and running!

Have a read of what else you are going to learn. I am certain that you will be impressed…
Affiliate Marketing Essentials

  • What is Affiliate Marketing
  • Understanding the various models used within the industry and how you would profit from each one
  • Learn how to find affiliate programs       
  • Understanding the Terms and Conditions – This is critical to your business. You don’t want to miss out on your commission payments.
  • The key conditions you want to review before deciding to promote a merchant. Not all affiliate programs are created equal and you don’t want to waste your time and money on a bad program.
  • What is an affiliate network and are they worth joining
  • How to pick a good affiliate program
  • The sign up process
  • The payment options for your commissions and the payout levels you should set.

 The Tools Of The Trade

  • The essential tools used by affiliate marketers
  • Your affiliate links and what to do with them

 Copywriting For Beginners

  • At its simplest level, copywriting is the skill of being able to structure an offer so as to result in a sale or other desired action
  • I will be covering the basics of the different types of copywriting that marketers use to get the sale
  • You will learn the basic principles behind copywriting and you will never look at an ad the same way ever again

 Basic SEO for your Website – This Is Money In Your Bank

  • Basic Search Engine Optimisation strategy overview
  • This is all about getting FREE traffic to your website

 Domain Name Essentials – Another money in the bank strategy

  • The Critical steps to choosing a good Domain name
  • How choosing the wrong domain name can cost you lots of money over time
  • How to register your domain name

 Hosting Essentials

  • The key elements you need in a good hosting company
  • How to choose a hosting company that will scale with your business

 Setting Up Your Very Own Website

  • Step By Step Guide to installing your website
  • How to add new pages, content, graphics
  • How to post to your Blog
  • The Pages That You Should Include On Every Website

 Marketing basics:

  • Some common marketing models
  • Traffic – what is it and how to get it
  • Google – The BIG money saving secrets
  • Email – Tips and tricks to use it for marketing
  • SPAM – Don’t even think about it

 As you can see I really have included everything that you will need to know to begin your business.

 Some of the basics that you will need to operate in this industry include the following…
          NB: These are not included in your course fee.

  • A good computer – The faster the better. Making your basic websites will not require as much processing power from your PC but if you decide to take advantage of some of the more advanced tools you might want to upgrade to a faster computer.
  • Internet access (I would recommend ADSL for your Internet)
  • A quality Website Hosting account – I will be recommending one at the course. The price you pay would depend on the package you choose. The hosting I have with this company costs me less than $ 20 per month.
  • A domain name – Less than $ 20 per year.
  • There are additional tools and services that I recommend. You will want to use higher end solutions as you grow your business. These prices vary.

The value provided in this quality training is very impressive. Remember this is Step-By-Step “How to” not “What To” do Affiliate Marketing Training.

Let’s have a look at the value of what you will receive:
 Two full days of quality affiliate marketing industry specific training held in Adelaide so there are no airfare and accommodation costs that you need to add to the overall cost of your training saving you even more $$$.

 Just one of the latest training packages I recently purchased from the USA cost me US $ 2,500.00 ( Approx AU $ 3,125.00 ) and I have a whole library full of these. I have a lot of expertise to share with you.

 You will learn the basics of copywriting. Hiring a good copyrighter for a small project could easily cost you $ 500.00 – $ 2,500.00 and if you hire one for a big project you should expect to pay tens of thousands plus a commission on all sales. Even just knowing the basics can save you thousands of dollars and you will have the ability to profit over and over from your new found skill as you build your affiliate marketing campaigns. This could easily save you $ 1,000.00 for just one project by a good copywriter and it could be worth THOUSANDS of $$$ of extra profit to your business as a result in higher conversions of your marketing campaigns. This alone is worth the entire cost of the workshop.

 Just the basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Domain name strategies that I will teach you could easily save you hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on the size of your marketing efforts. And remember this represents savings for each and every website you ever built so you can multiply the savings by the number of websites you end up owning.

Knowing how to build your own websites, or at least update them is priceless over the life of your business. Being able to personally tweak your marketing campaign and quickly put up new offers will result in more sales for your business.  With reduced production costs and extra sales this is easily worth a minimum of $ 2,000.00 to your bottom line.

Understanding the terms and conditions could save you from missing out on being paid your commissions. This could be a two fold problem as you would not receive your commissions and you would still have to pay for any advertising you had run for this campaign. You need to know this. If you are promoting a winning campaign this could easily be worth $ 500 to you.

Knowing how to pick a good affiliate program can result in a lot more profit for you each and every year. If these resulted in just an extra $ 20.00 a week this would be worth an extra $ 1,000 per year.

When I first started out online I lost around $ 2,400.00 on a poorly developed advertising campaign. It is just as important to know what not to do so I will share with you the expensive errors that I initially made so that you can learn from my mistakes.

As you can see above, it doesn’t take long at all before the real value of the tips and tricks of the trade that I will be teaching you is worth an extra $ 11,000 to your business. This is just from the savings and additional benefits of being able to do it yourself.

At a 50% discount to value I could sell this course to a privileged few for $ 5,500
At a discount to value of “more than 80% off” I could easily sell this course for $ 1,997

However, I had a choice to make…

At  $ 1,997.00, a lot less people would be able to afford to attend. From my point of view it is much easier to teach a smaller group and I would still make the same amount of money.

But the other option, and what I have decided to do, is to reduce your total investment for the Two Full Days Training to just  AU $ 997

This includes:

- Two full days of training
- Workbooks and Tutorial Videos
- Lunch, Morning and Afternoon tea on both days
- The Chance to network with like minded individuals

Unfortunately for me this means speaking to a much larger group of people… And let’s face it, nobody likes public speaking. Regardless, the decision has been made!

Why would I offer the training so cheap for this first seminar?
Actually, I have some ulterior motives…

Ulterior motive # 1: This is the first time that I have offered this training and I would love a lot of wonderful testimonials. Knowing what the training is going to include I am convinced that you will love what I teach you so much that you will run up to the camera just as fast as you can at the end of the weekend to provide me with wonderful testimonials that I can use in future marketing.

Ulterior motive # 2: I understand the true value of a solid win-win relationship between myself and my clients. I also know that life in this industry is about ongoing education and that when I provide you with exceptional value you will come back and continue to be a client of mine for many years to come.

Ulterior motive # 3: I have faith in human nature and I believe that if I help you, if I provide you with my best training, that you would use my affiliate links when you want to purchase products so that I get credit for the sale. This helps me justify offering the training at a reduced price and is what a win-win relationship is all about. In reality, I am simply providing you with the opportunity to allow someone else to pay for some of your training fee and all you have to do is buy through my links. And don’t forget, this is a class on affiliate marketing so I wouldn’t be setting a good example if I didn’t give you my affiliate links to use.


Details of the training – Affiliate Marketing

Two Days Packed Full of Valuable Content
*Lunch is included on both days
Dates: Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th September 2009

Registration: 8.30am – 8.45am on Saturday

Workshop Hours:
Saturday 9am – 6pm
Sunday 9am – 6pm

- Location: The Arkaba Hotel
150 Glen Osmond Rd
Fullarton SA 5063


I look forward to assisting you with the success of your business.

Wayne Hodson

ABN – 47719641151

Affiliate Marketing Training


Name Sales End Price
Affiliate Marketing Training Ended $997

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