Aeonclave's (incl Creative Catalyst & Vala Club) Summer '08 Canberra season

Aeonclave9s flagship, our SCHOOL HOLIDAY PROGRAM, is a unique experience blending great fun, creativity, childcare/caring and education. The Summer 2008 Canberra program runs for only one week, offering a brief sanctuary, away from the blazing sun, where participants can indulge their imaginations and set free their artistic wills to create. It will be held at Yarralumla Primary School in the well-appointed art, hall and cafeteria wing of its picturesquely located buildings.

Registrants may select from a variety of daily workshops for their children, from either or both of 2 streams:

  • Creative Catalyst visual art workshops are for 5 – 15 yr olds. Creative Catalyst nurtures children9s creativity, adaptability and natural intelligence through a unique system of participation in the visual arts, especially sculpture. More information at  
  • Vala Club fantasy role playing game & art programs are for 10– 17 yr olds. Vala Club is all about- Fantasy role-play gaming plus visual and literary creative expression. Featuring all the fun of Swords, Sorcery & Science- fantasy role playing & tabletop gaming in the world of 9The Dawnsaga9. using the game systems developed in Dungeons & Dragons etc, especially the d20 system. The excitement mounts as Vala Club also continues to present the opportunity to train & participate in ‘Shifting Sands’ video productions-in-progress. More information at

Creative Catalyst and Vala Club workshops include lunch, and morning and afternoon tea, as well as active recreation during the lunch break.

Registrants also have the option of booking: 

  • Pre workshops 8-9am with children’s yoga & breakfast
  • Post workshops 5-6pm with storytelling and refreshments,
 DURING SCHOOL TERM Creative Catalyst also offers: 
  • After-school art classes. More information at
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Name Sales End Price
Pre Wkshop #1 Mon 14th Jan   Ended $22
Post Wkshop #1 Mon 14th Jan   Ended $22
Pre Wkshop #2 Tues 15th Jan   Ended $22
Post Wkshop #2 Tues 15th Jan   Ended $22
Pre Wkshop #3 Wed 16th Jan   Ended $22
Post Wkshop #3 Wed 16th Jan   Ended $22
Pre Wkshop #4 Thurs 17th Jan   Ended $22
Post Wkshop #4 Thurs 17th Jan   Ended $22
Pre Wkshop #5 Fri 18th Jan   Ended $22
Post Wkshop #5 Fri 18th Jan   Ended $22
Vala Club #1- Mon 14th Jan   Ended $99
Vala Club #2- Tues 15th Jan   Ended $99
Vala Club #3- Wed 16th Jan   Ended $99
Vala Club #4- Thurs 17th Jan   Ended $99
Vala Club #5- Fri 18th Jan   Ended $99
CC #1- Mon 14th Jan: 'Denizens of the Dreamtime'   Ended $111
CC#2-Tues 15th Jan: 'The Mask'   Ended $99
CC#3-Wed 16th Jan: 'Beautiful Birdbaths'   Ended $126
CC#4-Thurs 17th Jan: 'Fairy Furniture'   Ended $119
CC#5- Fri 18th Jan: 'Mad Hatters Tea Party'   Ended $99
CC after-school-Mondays 3D   Ended $152
CC after-school-Tuesdays 3D   Ended $152
CC after-school Wednesdays 2D   Ended $152
CC after-school-Thursdays 3D   Ended $152

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