Aeonclave Winter 2009 Canberra season

We hope that you are all continuing to grow stronger with the various challenges of 2009.

It has certainly never been a better time to ensure that our children and young people are well equipped with the adaptability, imagination and creativity to face and shape the future!

Aeonclave's Winter 2009 Canberra season offers an unparalleled opportunity for creative experience!

The flagship of our fleet, our specialist SCHOOL HOLIDAY PROGRAM, is a unique experience blending great fun, creativity, child care and education.

  • This Winter in Canberra, Creative Catalyst offers more new visual art workshops than you’ll have hot cups of chicken soup!
  • Vala Club pushes the boundaries of fantasy into a dimension where science and sorcery are virtually indistinguishable, and where super-powers and subterfuge are wielded more powerfully than any sword. Participants will discover secret methods of storytelling from the dawn of legend at the same time as learning contemporary media methods of self-publication.
  • Shifting Sands will continue to bring a fantasy otherworld to life; not only creating 3D visions of it in miniature but also embarking upon a course leading to the animation of miniature figures moving stealthily through its back-alleys, wielding super-powers on the fly above its buildings, and manipulating alchemical essences along with robotic parts in sterile laboratories deep within mercantile strongholds.

PLUS- Aeonclave specialist school holiday programs could be as good as half-price with the new Australian government 50% child-care rebate!:

  • Note well- so long as you ‘pass’ the ‘work test’ etc, even if you receive $0 Child Care Benefit you will probably still receive the full Child Care Tax Rebate (up to 50% back!); the CCTR is not income tested, and is up to $7500/year/child.
  • For more information re. our school holiday program as an Australian government approved service for CCB and the new 50% CCTR go to

JULY 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16 & 17

1 – 10 day programs available, however you wish to arrange.


Registrants may select from a variety of daily workshops for their children, from all of the 3 streams:

Name Price Fee
CREATIVE CATALYST #1- Monday 6th July: 'Totally Tiles'   $127 $
SHIFTING SANDS #1- Mon 6th July   $107 $
VALA CLUB #1- Mon 6th July   $107 $
Early Start Extra #1 Mon 6th July   $30 $
Late Finish Extra #1 Mon 6th July   $30 $
CREATIVE CATALYST #2 Tuesday 7th July: 'Underwater Dioramas'   $107 $
SHIFTING SANDS #2- Tue 7th July   $107 $
VALA CLUB #2- Tues 7th July   $107 $
Early Start Extra #2 Tue 7th July   $30 $
Late Finish Extra #2 Tue 7th July   $30 $
CREATIVE CATALYST #3- Wednesday 8th July: 'Still-Life Collage'   $107 $
SHIFTING SANDS #3- Wed 8th July   $107 $
VALA CLUB #3- Wed 8th July   $107 $
Early Start Extra #3 Wed 8th July   $30 $
Late Finish Extra #3 Wed 8th July   $30 $
CREATIVE CATALYST #4- Thursday 9th July: 'Bells Bells Bells'   $127 $
SHIFTING SANDS #4- Thu 9th July   $107 $
VALA CLUB #4- Thu 9th July   $107 $
Early Start Extra #4 Thu 9th July   $30 $
Late Finish Extra #4 Thu 9th July   $30 $
CREATIVE CATALYST #5- Friday 10th July: 'Age of the Dinosaurs'   $127 $
SHIFTING SANDS #5- Fri 10th July   $107 $
VALA CLUB #5- Fri 10th July   $107 $
Early Start Extra #5 Fri 10th July   $30 $
Late Finish Extra #5 Fri 10th July   $30 $
CREATIVE CATALYST #6- Monday 13th July: 'Pixies Tea Party'   $127 $
SHIFTING SANDS #6- Mon 13th July   $107 $
VALA CLUB #6- Mon 13th July   $107 $
Early Start Extra #6 Mon 13th July   $30 $
Late Finish Extra #6 Mon 13th July   $30 $
CREATIVE CATALYST #7- Tuesday 14th July: 'Gargoyles'   $127 $
SHIFTING SANDS #7- Tue 14th July   $107 $
VALA CLUB #7- Tues 14th July   $107 $
Early Start Extra #7 Tues 14th July   $30 $
Late Finish Extra #7 Tues 14th July   $30 $
CREATIVE CATALYST #8- Wednesday 15th July: 'Shields of Power'   $107 $
SHIFTING SANDS #8- Wed 15th July   $107 $
VALA CLUB #8- Wed 15th July   $107 $
Early Start Extra #8 Wed 15th July   $30 $
Late Finish Extra #8 Wed 15th July   $30 $
CREATIVE CATALYST #9- Thursday 16th July: 'Mosaic Marvels'   $107 $
SHIFTING SANDS #9- Thu 16th July   $107 $
VALA CLUB #9- Thu 16th July   $107 $
Early Start Extra #9 Thu 16th July    $30 $
Late Finish Extra #9 Thu 16th July   $30 $
CREATIVE CATALYST Workshop #10 Friday 17th July: 'Wild Geometry Drawing'   $107 $
SHIFTING SANDS #10- Fri 17th July   $107 $2.68
VALA CLUB #10- Fri 17th July   $107 $
Early Start Extra #10 Fri 17th July   $30 $
Late Finish Extra #10 Fri 17th July   $30 $

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