Advanced Short Sales Workshop

The Advanced Short Sales Workshop is an intensive 1-day workshop covering all aspects of pre-foreclosure transactions and short sales.

Register before December 3rd, 2012 to Avoid paying the Standard Registration fee of $395.


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Some of Our Testimonials:


"Anna, Thanks so much for your expertise at last month's seminar. (I attended and enjoyed your class in Scottsdale very much.) It is, by far, the best I have attended and has been of the highest value in assisting me with my shortsale labors with my clients. You have got me hooked! - I love challenges and each SS is a puzzle to be solved."

                                                                  - Douglas W. Lewis, Associate Broker, Re/Max Elite


"The materials were terrific and way more was provided than expected! Thank you for providing me with information I can turn into income with some hard work!"

                                                    - Ed Pierce, Realtor, Independence Realty Professionals


"This will help my business. I definitely recommend this workshop to my fellow colleagues."

                                                         - Brian Gubernick, Realtor, Keller Williams Arizona Realty


"Very thorough class and presentation. I appreciate you bringing the human element back to the process. Everyone should take a course like this."

                                                          - Ed Drummond, Realtor, Keller Williams Realty Platinum


"Anna, Thank you for an extremely informative workshop. I consider it a rare opportunity to be taught the ropes by someone who has actually been out in the jungle and found them tree by tree! The book is amazing as well; real world/step by step how to -which I am going through page by page. Anna, what I took from this workshop is the knowledge that there ARE positive options out there for homeowners who otherwise believe and feel things are hopeless. I see that this is a win/win situation for all involved. Thank you for the blood, sweat, and tears that I am sure were a part of every level of your learning. It is a good work I look forward to being a part of. Best regards."

                                                                                           - Laura Lyons, Realtor, DPR Realty


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Early Bird Registration Ended $295
Standard Registration Ended $395