No Time to Waste - Save Our Adolescent Learners: Mar. 5 (1.30pm-4pm)


Educators expect students to arrive in middle school with adequate reading and writing skills. The demands of the curriculum assume adequate reading and writing skills. Providing appropriate instruction for students who are reading and writing at two or more levels below their age or grade level requires more than teacher knowledge of the struggling reader and writer. It requires administrators support, planning for a supportive school community filled with skillful instruction.

School and classroom cultures are a significant driving force in the success or failure of students in middle and high schools.

In this session we will look at:

• tips for administrators to successfully enhance the school culture

• effective planning strategies to give students the opportunity to make gains

• engaging tools that allow students to forge connection with text, align and use strategies in the content areas, as well as gain deeper understanding from their reading experiences.


Brian Green, Education Consultant

Who should attend?

5-12 Administrators and Supervisors


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