ADD/ADHD/LD Life Social and Study Strategies Conference


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Dr. Anders Osborne Ph.D.presents

" Life, Social and Study Strategies for Our ADD-ADHD and Learning Disabled Students"
.on Saturday,November 17th,2007. From 11:00am until 6:00pm at the Stamord Marriott Hotel and Spa ,Stamford,CT.
Pre registration required.  Open to 20 youth and teens. Please call 919-816-2379 to reserve placement in this informitive conference. Ask for our Pre registration discounts and our scholarships to families .
Life,  Social  and Study Strategies for our ADD-ADHD and LD Students
                             Strategies for Lifetime Success


   What are" Life" Skills for Our ADD - ADHD and LD Students?

Anders W. Osborne, Ph.D. who received her Ph.D. from Trinity College , Cambridge University, Cambridge,England has developed a program on ADD-ADHD/and Learning Disabilities over a fifteen year period.

 "Life Skills for our ADD/ADHD  & LD Students " provides educational information and support for families dealing with ADHD and Learning Disabilities. Teaching parents and students the skills to navigate the challenges of ADHD across thier lifespan.

The curriculum was developed by Dr.Osborne who has lived the experience of an ADHD /Dyslexic /LD adult,who also had access to the best researchers and practitioners in the country.

  Dr. Osborne invites youth and teen students for four hours of class time.

  Dr. Osborne invites parents to join the last hour of the conference where she will review the lecture and offer a question and answer session. 

   An overview of ADHD and Learning Disabilities -“ Living in the the world of an ADD/ ADHD and the LD Student

* Learning organizational & time management skills
* Learning test taking strategies & study skills
* Learning temper & impulse control
* Learning social cues and skill building

Does your youth know how smart, multi-talented and exciting they are due to their ADHD? ” By the end of the class they will understand “we” are wired differently.” “We” do and think differently. “We” are filled with lots of positive attributes!” 

 Conversations with parents on the following topics: 
The Impact of ADHD/ LD on the Family

  Creating Developmentally Appropriate and Positive Behavioral Intervention
  Developing Parenting Strategies and Interventions to Strengthen Family Relationships

 What Do I Do When My Child is Having Difficulty at School? Understanding the Federal Education Laws for the learning disabled youth and the student with ADHD.

ADHD /LD Across the Life Span: Students with ADHD/LD            


 This class begins at 11:00 am and runs until 6:00 pm-Lunch and snacks are served by the hotel.

The curriculum is very highly interactive due to one on one and group instruction . Space is limited for this reason 


ADD/ ADHD &LD Life,Study and Social Strategies

   Strategies for Lifetime Success

This  Saturday Package includes:

 A hot lunch & late day snack served by the hotel

1] A five hour : Life,Social and Study  strategies  for our ADD/ADHD /LD Youth & Teens- presented by Dr.Anders Osborne Ph.D.

2] A year round organizational planner- to help your student manage their academic school year. They will learn how to organize  , notes, outlines,test ,term paper and projects planning with this system 

3] A "Life Skills" book written by Lynn Weiss Ph.D.

4] A "Social Skills "book written by Dr. Janet Raney Ph.D

5] One hour follow -up phone consultation with parents and Dr..Anders Osborne Ph.D.

6] 2 -One hour follow-up coaching sessions between your student and with Dr.Anders Osborne Ph.D for conference success. 

This curriculum was developed by Dr. Anders Osborne,Ph.D. who has lived the experience of an ADHD / Dyslexic/ LD adult. It was through the mentoring and access to the best researchers and practitioners in the country that we were able to develope these programs and make them possible. 

All conferences are medical deductions-Please ask for receipt so you will be able to file for this medical re-embursement

  Call Teach To Reach for availability and pricing for each of her upcoming conferences by calling 919-816 2379.


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  Pre -Registration discounts accepted through Nov.13th.2007

We offer 5 scholarships the low cost of 75.00 dollars. Please mention this when speaking with our custormer service repersentive. We will apply it to you as long as space is available.

All conferences are medical deductions-Please ask for receipt so you will be able to file for this medical re-embursement


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