ADD/ADHD Study,Organizational,Test Taking Skills for School Year SuccessADD /ADHD Life, Social and Study Strategies Successful Strategies for Your ADHD Student

         ADD/ ADHD Life, Social and Study Strategies:

Successful Strategies for Your Student  in the New School Year    
                                                  Let us help your student find their way
                                 Successful Strategies for Success in life,relationships and school.

 Dr.Anders Osborne Ph.D. is a Cambridge educated PhD who is a national and international speaker an expert in the field of ADD/ADHD. Dr.Osborne Ph.D. passion arrives from the fact she has lived the life of an LD and ADHD individual.
 This one day class will be held on Sunday, October 11 Th, 2009 from 1:00pm until 6:00pm. Cleveland,Ohio.

   Early Bird Discount: Pre - register now thrrough  October, 1st  2009 and  only pay 95.00 dollars!

This series offers everything you need to ensure your students success in the upcoming school year!
 You will receive the resources your student needs to effect change.
 You will receive the key for your students to access the resources easily and quickly.
Imagine the changes your child will be effecting in the future!

Your students will learn the following" Life ,Social and Study Strategies " to ensure success throughout their school year and in life:

Dr. Anders Osborne Ph.D.introduces your student to:The World According to ADD/ADHD:
   *Learning time management & organizational skills
   *Learning study skills & test taking strategies
   *Learning temper management & impulse control
   *Learning one -on-one social cues & skills building
* 4 - week follow- up  coaching with your student to ensure classroom success

 Giving your student the: More rapidly than before...
  * Confidence: the feeling of being able to take action* Motivation: the desire to take action
  * Effort: the willingness to take action* Problem Solving: knowing what to do
  * Common Sense: the bridge to good judgement* Responsibility: doing what's right
  * Initiative: knowing when to begin and beginning* Caring: showing consideration for self and others
  * Teamwork: working with others* Perseverance: completing what they began
  * Goal Setting: road signs for the future. 

How Are Changes Made?
  I am non-traditional in my teaching style (because we are all ADDers) ensuring learning is fun. I create exercises that encourage the" Life Skills and Study Strategies "students series participants to unlock when they freeze up allowing them to confidently access the information they require to respond to what life hands them.

 We are masters of WIT (whatever it takes). Our tool and toy boxes are filled with unique activities. And all the actives are blended with basic "Life Skills" exercises, ensuring they are new, fresh, fun and effective.

 Each module is designed to work with all the other pieces. The material taught at the "Life Skills and Study Strategies series" is integrated smoothly and easily, making this Life Skills and Study Strategies for upcoming school year success very comfortable for children of all backgrounds.

Will there be any fun?

 The idea is for everyone to have fun. The learning is filled with games, exercises and healthy new ideas. We intend to show your children how learning is fun!
 "My son, Connor, has grown so much since taking the "Life Skills" Student series last month. I've noticed his confidence is way up and he is showing new levels of motivation. He understands how to set goals and go for them! As a school teacher I think your Kids series is an extremely valuable experience and recommend it to any parent who wants more than the best for her/his child."
-- Tom Johnston
 INCLUDED: Life,Social and Study Strategies : All your students needs to know for a successful school year!
  One day class with Dr.Anders Osborne Ph.D.- a Cambridge educated PhD and National and International expert on ADHD.
   *Learning time management & organizational skills
   *Learning study skills & test taking strategies
   *Learning temper management & impulse control
   *Learning one -on-one social cues & skills building
       * Lunch & snacks
          * Year Round Organizational binder divided into two parts. One for after school [life] planning.One for Academic success.
          * A binder of Social cues and strategies for staying on point with Social situations.
          * An Academic binder with take home inserts that teach students organizational skills , study skills, and test taking strategies.
          * Insert packets  that remind your student of  the in class learning, on such subjects of test taking strategies and project management.
    * 4 week follow up coaching to ensure academic success!

These class will be held :
                       Sunday, October,11 th 2009- Cleveland,Ohio

         Dr.Anders Osborne PhD offers a discussion with parents on such topics as, IEP evaluations,in class accommodations, services and self- advocacy,how to organize your student with your students teachers ,help! 
   Your question and answer session will be held from 5:00pm until 6:00pm. Let me help you, help your student have successful strategies, in life,relationships  and in school!                

This class is appropriate for elementary,middle school and high school students. Space is extremely limited due to personalized learning.
  Pre - register on or before October, 1st  2009 and  only pay 95.00 dollars!

On October 02ND the regular price will become 195.00.dollars

  Pre registeration  is requested to reserve your students placement due to personalized learning.     
  Payments are available through, PayPal,Credit cards,personal checks.

 Payments are Tax Deductible.
  Payment plans are available.

"Does your youth know how smart, multi-talented, and exciting they are due to their ADHD? As an ADD/ LD adult I know, "We" do and think differently! More importantly," We" are filled with lots of positive attributes!"

We look forward to having your student join us for "Life, Social and Study Strategies - All your student needs to know for a successful life and a successful school year!"

I TEACH TO REACH LLC - A non profit organization

Dr.Anders Osborne PhD

 If the line is busy-Please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as we receive your Voice Mail. Thank you.

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