Concrete Cracks & That's a Fact

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Concrete  Cracks  &  That’s  a  Fact

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sam Houston Race Park

7575 N. Sam Houston Parkway West

Houston, Texas

8:30 AM – 4:15 PM

                          Co-Sponsored by the Houston Chapter of ICRI

 The ACI-Houston Chapter & ICRI-Houston cordially invite you and your colleagues to a day long seminar on the causes and control of concrete cracking, why they happen and what to do about it.  There will be two sessions.  The morning session will deal with analyzing concrete cracks, identifying the type of cracking and the causes of each.  The afternoon session will discuss the various repair techniques and when to use each one.  Attendees will learn how to analyze cracked concrete, identify the cause and, if repair is necessary, evaluate the most desirable and cost effective repair option.

Morning Session: Troubleshooting Concrete Cracks                                             3 PDH Credits

Concrete cracks and that’s a fact!  But why and do I need to do something about it?  To answer these questions, it is important to know the cause of the cracking and whether or not it is structurally significant.  Cracks may be the result of a design error and indicate serious problems down the road that could be costly to fix or even life threatening.  Cracks could be insignificant structurally and be merely a cosmetic issue.  How do you decide which it is? 

 This seminar will shed light on these questions and provide the participant with the knowledge to identify the type of cracking (structural, non-structural), identify the most likely cause (thermal, settlement, loading) and discuss how to minimize the various types of cracking.  The causes of non-structural cracking such as crazing, thermal shrinkage, plastic shrinkage, reinforcement corrosion and chemical reactions with the aggregates will be thoroughly discussed.  Upon completion the participant should be able to conduct a credible investigation, evaluate the type of cracking and determine if repairs or replacement are needed.  With the knowledge gained all the stakeholders, engineer, contractor and owner, should be able to converse knowledgably about the reasons for the cracking and decide the best course of action.


Afternoon Session: Repairing Concrete Cracks                                     3 PDH Credits

Name Sales End Price Fee
ACI Member - Full Day Ended $70 $1.75
ACI Non-Member - Full Day Ended $90 $2.25
ACI Member - Half Day Ended $40 $1
ACI Non-Member - Half Day Ended $50 $1.25

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