How to Attract Opportunities that will Propel You To Success?

You might be feeling stuck in your career or your relationships. You might feel that you are getting no where fast. Perhaps you see very little opportunity for accelerating and achieving your goals?

The success of most of the entrepreneurs and business people we read about in the press can be traced back to one simple moment in their lives, one simple decision – the decision to seized an opportunity!

You might be saying "Yeah but I don’t get opportunities like that!" that might be so right now, but you are getting opportunities! You just need to recognise them.

Tonight’s speaker is Tarkan Ahmet who is going to share with you how he seized an opportunity that has created him a £1m contract. Tarkan is a firm believer that when you take action you create attraction!

Tarkan will share with you his journey of tremendous growth over the past three months after one very significant moment on one very significant day. And now he is living the Law of Action Multiplying Attraction.


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