8 points class

System is set for 5 tickets. 

"Well,  as I told you  on the first telephone call after the 8 point assignment, I thought this was going to be a piece of cake.  I thought that I knew exactly what I wanted in my next job.  However, I did as you asked and to my surprise I was wrong.  This assignment forced me to think about what I wanted and why.  It also made me think about any areas that I might be willing to compromise.  It really helps you see what your idea of Your Perfect Job is rather than trying to compromise your requirements and fit into a job that works with some or most of your requirements.  I learned not to try to force myself to accept a job that is sufficient but to look for the Perfect Job For Me.  
I also was surprised in the order in which I prioritized the points.  I never realized that in all my prior jobs that I never once thought about chemistry first.  However, I rated it as my 2nd most important requirement over location.  I can truly say that I should have looked at this in my last job and not settled.  How terrible is it when you have a great job, good salary and great co-workers but the chemistry is all wrong with your boss or some other individual that you work closely with on a daily basis.  Therefore, it is very important to figure this out in the beginning rather than after you have made a huge mistake. "
---Melanie B., retained client


This will be fun for all of us!  All my work has been done on a 1:1 basis, so we'll all be learning from each other and I look forward to your contributions on this class to help shape the second one.

I'll be moving into additional modules - teach how to do resumes etc - so there will be more opportunities to learn the same info that the retained clients are!

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