Great Managers = Great Organizations


An effective manager gets results. A great manager writes a new story.”

-Carlos Ghosn


Great Managers = Great Organizations


Just about anyone can get results for a quarter or two. But it takes an exceptional manager to unleash the potential of the team and “write a new story” of success. The 7Habits for Managers is a unique, new approach to management development that helps your management team move from getting good results to getting great and enduring results.

Franklin Covey’s the 7Habits for Managers workshop is an intensive application-oriented learning experience that focuses on the fundamentals of great leadership. This workshop gives new and experienced managers a set of tools that will help them meet all of today’s management challenges, including:

         Conflict resolution 


         Performance management 

         Accountability and trust 



         Team and employee development

Participants will learn how to:

• Increase resourcefulness and initiative

• Define the contribution they want to make in their role as managers

• Manage performance through a balance of accountability and trust

• Give constructive feedback

• Improve team decision-making skills by embracing—even encouraging— diverse viewpoints

Tools for Highly Effective Managers

The 7 Habits for Managers workshop is taught as a two-day, facilitator-led workshop in a public or onsite setting. Certification is available for clients wanting to teach this program to their organization.

The 7 Habits for Managers workshop follows a reinforced learning process that includes:

• An optional pre- and post- 360º assessment to measure management effectiveness

• A rich, comprehensive participant guidebook

• A Management Essentials book with insights on the role of the manager

• An audio CD with Stephen R. Covey explaining how The 7 Habits apply to managers

• Paper and electronic versions of the tools introduced in the workshop

How does The 7 Habits of Managers differ from traditional leadership training? Compare for yourself:



7 Habits for Managers

The “Industrial-Age” approach: providinggeneric “skills and techniques” needed to control employee behavior.

The “Age of Knowledge Work” approach: unleashingthe potential of team members, freeing them to make their best contribution.

Management without the foundation ofcharacter training and the discipline to manage themselves first

Managers who work on their character, whomanage themselves effectively before trying to lead others.

Managers trained to a standard of minimalcompetence -who then give minimally back to the organization

Managers bring their “whole selves” to work,define their unique contribution, and who achieve great and enduring results



Build a Foundation of Effectiveness

The 7 Habits for Managers workshop is a powerful application of the 7 Habits to the role of the manager. To deepen understanding of the 7 Habits principles and to build a foundation of individual effectiveness, participants are encouraged to enroll in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Signature Program in conjunction with the 7 Habits for Managers workshop.

Help your managers write a new story with this powerful workshop from Franklin Covey, the recognized leader in developing effective leaders, effective employees, and effective organizations.



Participantswill be able to:

Day1 AM





Day1 PM




Manage  Yourself




Habit 1

Be Proactive®


•See alternatives, not roadblocks

•Focus on what they can influence

•Expand, not limit, their resources


BeginWith the End


•Define their unique contribution as managers

•Define practical outcomes


PutFirst Things First

•Focus on the important, not just the urgent

•Set a few “wildly important goals”

•Plan weekly, act daily


Day2 AM




Day2 PM





Lead Others



•Balancecourage and consideration

•Manage performance through a


•Build trust with co-workers


SeekFirst to  understand

thento be Understood®

•Practice empathic listening

•Give honest, accurate feedback




•Seek out differences, not just


•Synergize to arrive at new

andbetter alternatives




Sharpenthe Saw

•Treat team members as






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