Six Secrets for Succeding in Spite of Racism - 2007

Six Secrets for Succeeding in Spite of Racism 

Whether you are a business owner, a busy professional or a blue collar worker, if you are African American, racism will affect your personal and professional success.

 Instead of feeling frustrated, learn to focus on things that will help you succeed! This 45-minute teleseminar includes:

  • Six secrets for succeeding in spite of racism
  • Ten strategies you can use immediately
  • Three things you should never do when confronting racism at work
  • A short list of recommended books & web-based resources
  • A link to download the free e-book: Racism Exists: Don9t Let it Define You

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Tracy Brown

 Your facilitator, Tracy Brown, is President of Diversity Trends LLC ( She is author of 5 books on diversity in the workplace. (

From the age of 2, when her family became one of the first black families in a previously all-white neighborhood, Tracy has had to learn to succeed in spite of racism.

Tracy is a founder of the highly respected Dallas Dinner Table initiative designed to heal racism "one dinner at a time" and has served as a Board Member for more than 12 organizations, including the National Association of African Americans in Human Resources.

Please Note

This 55 minute teleseminar is a preview of Tracy’s Twelve Keys to Succeeding in Spite of Racism e-seminar. The e-seminar is a 12- module self-paced learning opportunity that includes structured learning modules, group coaching by phone and a private resouce website.


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