Copy of Free Teleseminar: The 5 Biggest Mistakes Professionals Make in their Elevator Pitch

"When your mouth is OPEN, so is your business.

When your mouth is CLOSED, so is your business."


Everything in business STARTS with an introduction. It starts with the answer to the question, "What do you do?".

An "elevator pitch" is a 30-second opportunity to introduce yourself - who you are, what you do, and how you are different from your competition.

Most professional business associations and networking groups now allow opportunities for everyone in attendance to give the entire room their 30-second elevator pitch (or referred to as "networking commercial), "round robin" style. Standing out and being remembered can be very challenging in this type of situation - especially if your competition is in the room as well.

Some professionals may not attend networking functions, but are definitely talking to people on a daily basis about their business to people one-on-one - letting them know they're open for business.

Unfortunately, 30-seconds isn't a whole lot of time to really pique someone's interest in what you have to offer, so it's crucial to have a high impact introduction.

Professionals of all types - entreprenuers, small business owners, sales professionals, direct sales professionals, etc. can often times struggle with their elevator pitch. Trying to take everything that's great about you and condensing it down to 30-seconds can often be a challenge, wouldn't you agree?

It's important to know what NOT to do in an elevator pitch. Again, 30-seconds isn't a whole lot of time, so it's important to make the most use of that precious time.

In this special FREE teleseminar, "The 5 Biggest Mistakes Professionals Make in their Elevator Pitch", you'll learn how to AVOID making common mistakes and how to set yourself apart and be remembered.

"Excellent event.  I learned what mistakes I have been making and how to improve myself.  Not all free seminars are worth your time, but this is worth every minute."

-Lou Anne McKeefery, Internet Search Marketing



On the call, you'll learn directly from Barbara Lopez, The Elevator Pitch Coach with Brightfarm Introductions. As a professional commercial writer for over 5 years, Barbara has used her expertise in working with businesses to create high impact introductions.

With networking experience of over 15 years (both in the business and nonprofit world), Barbara has heard more elevator pitches than you can shake a stick at. Some good, and some....not so good. She'll combine her commercial writing skills with the research she has done in her networking experience to show what DOESN'T WORK in an elevator pitch, saving you agony at your next networking function.

Learn more about Barbara and Brightfarm Introductions


"After attending the 5 Mistakes Teleseminar I was able to write what I feel is an effective elevator pitch.  I feel so much more preapred and confident in my delivery now.  I have been hesitant to speak to others before this.  I always felt that I was rambling and not hitting the mark, so to speak.   I am looking forward to getting out and about this weekend and using my newly revised pitch wherever I go.  Thanks Barbara, I can't wait for more teleseminars like this one."

-Lorri Fuller, It Works! Marketing

"Barbara's 'The 5 Mistakes Professionals Make in their Elevator Pitch teleseminar is a quick and easy way to understand the key points of an effective pitch and why one is important.  We can all use more ideas on how to present our businesses, and Barbara does an excellent job.  Her opening quote:  'when your mouth is open, so is your business.  when your mouth is closed, so is your business' underscores the need for effective communication about our businesses."

-Lonna Johnson, Send Out Cards

"This call was 'ever so informative' and I will direct my team to next month's edition.  Thank you, Barb, for offering your expert advicce to those of us hoping to find the 'added edge' in today's world."

-Susan Schotten, Independent Consultant Entertaining at Home

Need help with your elevator pitch right away? Visit Brightfarm's blog for tips and tricks on how to make your elevator pitch powerful!

Upon registration, you'll receive a confirmation email from Barbara within 24-hours with more information. If you haven't received emails from me before, be sure to check your spam/junk filter for the confirmation with subject line: [Teleseminar Confirmation] 5 Biggest Mistakes Professionals Make in their Elevator Pitch.


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