Teleseminar: FIVE STAR Speakers & Trainers/Leonard Wheeler Presents the 5 Keys to Building a Speaking Business

What does it take to build a successful speaking business?

After 20 years and more than 18,000 events working with speakers whose fees have ranged from $2,500 on the low-end to the big name celebrities who command up to $250,000 for a single talk, FIVE STAR has been a big player in this $40,000,000,000 industry. The opportunities are enormous…especially in these economic times for those who understand what it’s about and how to capitalize on it. On this call, we’ll show you what you need to focus on in order to build a professional speaking career that can be a 6-figure annual income for years to come.

On this call, you will learn about the 5 keys to building a sustainable, consistent, revenue-generating speaking business.

1.      Presentation Skills is the obvious place to start. But, getting paid to speak requires a different approach than you might think! These 4 tactics will dramatically improve your presentation!

2.      Marketing & Sales is absolutely the most important element. What is your brand promise to your audience? What is your marketing and sales strategy that consistently gets you in front of the audiences that pay you what you’re worth and creates more spinoff business? If you don’t have solid tactics and strategies here, nothing else matters! In today’s environment, if you aren’t on top of these issues, you’ll have a very tough time! We’ll address the 3 unasked questions you must answer correctly to land the gig.

3.      What kinds of products do you need to create? The answers might surprise you! Product development is the fastest way to build your credibility, create passive marketing streams and increase your revenue!

4.      Working with bureaus & agents can be very lucrative, but it’s got to be done the right way. We’ll discuss the keys to developing long-term relationships that will drive big results.

5.      Running it like a business requires having effective processes and systems in place. We’ll discuss the four areas you’ve got to have to make sure you are delivering for your clients every time.

Many people think that when the economy is doing what it’s doing that there isn’t any business out there. That’s flat wrong! But it does require a different approach and more creative thinking around getting it done. You’ll finish this call with a much better understanding of what you need to do tomorrow in order to impact lives powerfully, and make a great living while you do it!


This teleseminar is being offered TWICE. Please choose the best time that's most convenient for your schedule:

Tuesday, March 31 at 5pm PT/8pm ET


Friday, April 3 at 9am PT/12pm ET


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