Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Hired for the Professional You Are

Liz Strauss Master Class:
September 25th in Seattle, Washington

Authentically Attract Clients

Without a Hard Sell

Be See, Be Heard, Be Hired

for the Professional You Are


I got an email from a friend, someone I had helped with her business ...


I just landed my first client on retainer!

Sure, I've had other clients up until now but it has been a lot of BARTERING...and now I'm making the leap into accepting money.

This is awesome!

Thank you so much for your counseling by phone a couple of weeks ago.

Want to know what was said during that call? 


I'm Liz Strauss, author of Successful-Blog, and the Founder of SOBCon, Biz School for Bloggers. I have a passion for working
with successful and outstanding online entrepreneurs. I also work
with corporations to help them use the social web to make products
and relationships that are strategic, high performing, and great at connecting with customers.


That email moved me to put together this pilot program as a way
to give back some of the what the Internet has given me.


It's a focused class and a mastermind group that will allow a small group to take advantage of my time in Seattle at a fraction of my usual consulting fees.


From 1pm - 3pm -- it's 5 for $50 ...
5 people will meet in a 2-hour intensive mastermind group for $25 an hour!


 From 4pm - 6pm -- it's 12 for $24 ... 
12 people will join in larger group interactive session for only $12 an hour! 


That's only 17 people! Sign up now!


We'll head over to the WordCamp Seattle Meetup after.


 Some people do have it easier.
In 1920, Edward L. Thorndike proved the "halo effect." The truth is that clients, managers, customers decide about working with us in the first minutes, then spend the rest of the conversation confirming their opinion.


In Authentically Attract Clients, we will

  • Define your ideal position in your target market.
  • Turn your offer into an opportunity - by showing how you satisfy a deep need or meet an urgent desire.
  • Detail the return on investment of your work
  • Explore the best practices of negotiating from the same side of the table.

There will be lots of conversation, interaction, and immediately actionable ideas.

You'll build an irresistible brand in the process.


Why work with Liz?


AND ... everyone will leave with an invitation to email or Twitter me with questions they might have as they move forward applying what they've learned.

I'm looking forward to a chance to work with you and hoping that you'll be soon sending me an email like that one on this page.




    Liz  Strauss     


 Don't miss this opportunity to change everything.

Sign up now!

 Proceeds will be used to get more folks back to work.


September 25th at 400 Wall St., Seattle.

Name Price Fee
4pm -6pm - 12 Person - Master Class Session $24 $1.59
1pm-3pm - 5 Person Mastermind Session $50 $2.24

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