Four Cornerstones of Wealth

Aside from my decision to really believe in God, my single most profound discovery has been what I call the Four Cornerstones of Wealth. The Four Cornerstones of Wealth are: Values, Vision, Purpose, and Mission. I invite you to take this journey.

"We are not all going to be famous and produce a public legacy but we can all be great. We can be great at what we do, not with our eye on the end result, but great in how we take the journey. We can dream lofty dreams, hold a vision for peace, clean air, the end of world hunger, or for the absence of disease; no matter what you dream; begin it, stay with it, and let it teach you how truly wonderful you are. Each mistake, when corrected, brings you closer to the fulfillment of your dream and closer to seeing yourself as God sees you, whole, perfect, and complete. Mistakes and failures then become the catalysts for you to look deeper within and to find the greatness that was there all along." (Excerpt from The Four Cornerstones of Wealth Workbook)

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