Teach Me...How to Increase Academic Success in the Differentiated Classroom

In One Day, Discover...

  • Strategies to Help Boost Test Scores
  • How to Increase Retention by Visualization & Movement
  • Techniques to Enhance Learning
  • Ways to Sharpen and Enhance Teaching Skills

In This Workshop, You Will Have the Opportunity to:

  • Learn strategies to teach a number of approaches to thinking
  • Learn how to optimize your instructional time!
  • Learn how to teach students to make meaning and sense what you are teaching!
  • Understand why and how color, scent and music can help students retain information!
  • Discover techniques to teach to left or right brain dominant learners!
  • Understand the importance of emotions and learning!
  • Learn the latest research to create a successful learning environment!
  • Discover amazing strategies to make learning stick!
  • Participate in hands on activities that can be used IMMEDIATELY in the classroom

Message from Cutting Edge Institute LLC

What are you looking for in your classroom right now?  Perhaps it’s a new way to deal with those perennial discipline problems.  Or maybe you want to just get through to your students better than you have been. In this informative workshop, you will gain insights into proven research.  You’ll be amazed at what you’ll discover! We personally invite you to take the time and make this investment in your career.  Your students will than you for it!

Working with students with various learning styles and making your lesson plans “stick” are challenges all teachers face. 

Now what if I told you that the issues you’ve been dealing with in the classroom can be solved more  effectively and more easily than you ever imagined?  That there are techniques-proven ways, in fact, to reach virtually any student that comes through your door? 

Well, those techniques are here and we present them to you in our one-day seminar called Key Strategies to Increase Academic Success in the Differentiated Classroom.

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