How to become indispensable to your company and be first in line for a promotion in 5 easy steps

Are you an 9Intrepreneur9? Are you someone who understands the value you create within your company? Do you continually find opportunities and ways to improve the value of your company9s business?

Or are you someone who simply turns up, gets paid and looks forward to the weekend?

Imagine how different your work life would be if you found ways to continually improve and bring value to your organisation and have this reflected in your pay slip?

Mike Southon is a world-renowned entrepreneur and best selling author with much to say on this subject. He believes that the principles of being a great entrepreneur are the same for anyone wanting to excel within a company.

Mike will be sharing his insights with us and how each of us can become indispensable within our organisations and have a pay cheque that reflects our abilities.

This is one night not to be missed!

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Mike Southon currently writes for the Daily Telegraph. You can learn more at

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