2012: A PARADIGM OF HOPE A Forum for Discussion and Clarity on our Global Future

2012: A Paradigm of Hope for Humankind
A Forum for Discussion and Clarity on our Global Future

REFERENCES TO 2012 ARE EVERYWHERE. Although the Ancient Mayan long-count calendar ends December 21, 2012, its creators, perhaps judiciously, did not leave us with much information about the significance of this date.

Many notable world-thinkers embrace the idea that we are living in a period of great change. Periods of great change bring different opportunities to different people. Some envision a positive, spiritual change overtaking the world – others succumb to the popularized doomsday predictions. Many ancient cultures have suggested that we are moving from an "Age of Man", focused on power and money, to one that is focused on greater divinity and global consciousness. Evidence of the shift abounds, affecting world finances, politics, health and the environment – and its impact upon us often depends on how one personally interprets the legacies of many ancient cultures.

Enlightened Professionals offers you an opportunity to participate on June 5th in conversations about the global changes that have been prophesied for our future. Our inspiring approach to 2012 (verses the fear-based agenda diligently being perpetuated by the media) will focus on how mankind is uniquely poised to create a sustainable and thriving global community. We will engage in lively conversations on: science, spirituality, economics, media/entertainment and the environment. We encourage you to join with other like-minded people to create a powerful vision for our future.

Facilitators: Gene Ang, Ph.D., Salome Raheim, Ph.D., Robin Clare, Chief Inspiration Officer

Location: West Hartford Senior Center, 15 Starkel Road, West Hartford, CT 06117


7:00 to 8:00 PM – What is 2012? - From the History Channel to the cover of the Hartford Advocate, it’s hard to miss the date 2012. This presentation will set the framework for the event on Saturday by reviewing the historical context , the current thoughts and the future predictions for this transformative time in human history. Presented by: Gene Ang.

8:00 to 9:00 PM – A Greater Perspective - The EPiCenter is blessed to have Creatious, a light being channeled by Cathy Fisher as a member of our community and faculty. Creatious has a unique perspective on the meaning of 2012 and the lessons for mankind. Join Creatious for a Q & A session that is sure to enhance your perspective. Moderator: Robin Clare


For questions, comments or more information please call Enlightened Professionals at 860-232-3331 or write to: info@epllc.org.

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