Train Mafia

A heavily modified version of the classic party game Mafia, played on two subway trains, with an extra helping of crazy sauce!

Start Time: Sunday June 13 at 1 PM
Location: TBA
# of players: 20
Duration: 2.5 hours
Designers: Copenhagen Game Collective 

Train Mafia is a heavily modified version of the popular party game Mafia (a.k.a. Werewolf), re-envisioned for play on the NYC subway.

Why trains, you ask? To raise the stakes, of course! Players who are "lynched" are kicked off the train (at the next stop), and must wait in shame for the following train - a kind of "afterlife" train - to join a second, interwoven game.

Yes, the two games are interwoven! Players are assigned two teams (one for each game), and are ultimately awarded a point for each of their teams that win. Players in the first game should therefore be careful about who they send to the second game and when.

The second game - a contest between "pious" and "sinner" players - is played by voting for pious representatives, rather than voting against sinners. Watch out, though, because your identity in the first game isn’t linked to your identity in the afterlife...

And say goodbye to the familiar day/night rounds of traditional Mafia. In this game, rounds are demarcated by certain subway stops, and citizens must organize the lynching mobs themselves, recruiting their fellow players to accumulate the requisite number of votes - all amid the chaos of a subway car!

Curious to hear more about how it all works? Patience, patience. You’ll have to wait until the festival for the full rules. But we promise some unexpected twists...


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