Neo-Cowgirl Faux Rodeo

Everyone's a cowgirl in this here rodeo! Stamp, holler, rope, 'n buck fer glory.

Start Time: Friday June 12 at 6 PM and at 7PM (we'll run TWO rodeos!)
Location: Festival HQ at the The Tank
# of players: 10-100 - room for all! some will compete, some will ring, and others will judge.
Duration: 2 hours
Designers: Catherine Herdlick

Shine yer boots, sparpen yer spurs, and practice yer ropin' cuz we're gonna have a heap o' fun! We're calling all neo-cowgirls (yep - you too, men) to compete fer cowgirl cred in this rodeo that's part glittery vaudeville, part spectator sport, and part feats of skill, guile, and wit. Rope cowgirls, ride bronc-balls, barrel race 'an more - without fretting over allergies! This is true cowgirl fun for the urban set. The Neo-Cowgirl Faux Rodeo is brought to you by The Cowgirl Way Society, where everyone's a cowgirl.


Name Sales End Price
Cowgirl   Ended Free
Cowgirl Athlete   Ended Free
Rustler   Ended Free

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Thanks to the osm new Bristol #neocowgirls at this weekend's rodeo and roundups at #igfest! Photos soon. ... Come to "Neo-Cowgirl Faux-Rodeo (Bristol UK) ...

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On Friday night, I was corralled into Neo-Cowgirl Faux Rodeo. The rodeo featured three distinct events: a bronco buck, barrel race, and hog-tie. In the bronco buck, a bed sheet was spread on the ground, and a yoga ball was positioned at one end ...

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