Simplified Profit Planning - A Workshop to Help Small Business Owners Increase Sales & Thrive in 2009

Planning to Thrive in 2009

Wednesday January 14th 2008,  12:45 PM to 5:00 PM  

(planning session starts promptly at 1:00 PM)


Especially for business owners!


I am sure you will agree that for most business owners, there are constant challenges, and the rewards can sometimes seem “less rewarding” than predicted.  After seeing first hand all of the effort and time that owners put into their businesses, and seeing that they are almost unanimously dissatisfied with their results, I do not accept that this has to be the case. 


I want to do what I can to help your business to thrive and prosper,  so that you can reach your goals through your business.

Now is the time to really understand your business results, and how you can proactively affect them to increase your results significantly.


Most business owners, even experienced owners, are dissatisfied with their profit and want to know the keys to earning more than their business is currently giving them.


In that spirit, and in an effort to minimize the impact of this challenging economic

time for my clients, I organized a great 4-hour seminar focused on using practical, simple techniques to increase your profits. 


We will actually show you how to analyze your business results, and make slight changes to certain aspects of your business to substantially increase your profit. 


The hard work is still up to you, but we are here to present the tools for your success.

You will learn how to understand your basic business results and use that information to develop some extra strategies and tactics for making your business more successful.


The class will be led by Eamon Rooney, a Business Planning Coach with 16 years of business experience in areas critical to business development.

He has experience in starting and running businesses in Japan, Ireland and here in the United States, but in particular, his experience as CEO during the dot-com bust and turning around 4 businesses during this time makes him uniquely qualified to explain what it takes to thrive in a downturn. 


This is a half-day, business-planning workshop

Wednesday January 14th 2008,  12:45 PM to 5:00 PM  

We will have some very light refreshments for you. Please be sure to eat lunch before attending this 4-hour workshop!

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