Atlantean Adrift

A wayward Atlantean must return home, but hasn't the courage - only you can help!

Start Time: Saturday June 13 4 PM

Location: Empire Fulton Ferry State Park, DUMBO, Brooklyn

F train to York St, A train to High St.  

Both stations are the first stop in Brooklyn.

35 minutes from The Tank in Time Square.

# of players: 50-100

Duration: 2 hours

Designers: Sam Strick, Joe Mauriello, Clayton Richardson, and Ida C. Benedetto

A washed-up Folklorist has been waiting for this day his entire life. Through a grape vine of equally strange folks, he discovers that an merman is in trouble and could use his help! In Atlantean Adrift, the Folklorist enlists teams of players to help a lost merman build up the courage to return home. Rejected from Atlantis for a mishap beyond his benevolent control, the merman is depending on you to remind him of why he love Atlantis, and why he must brave the journey home. Give him the moral support he needs! What can we find in our menacing city that can cheer up this adrift creature? Can you indulge in fool hearted optimism by helping fulfill this one merman's wishes? Find out in this once in a lifetime adventure.


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Atlantean Adrift was design by Sam Strick, Joe Mauriello, Clayton Grey, and me. Katie Bode designed make-up and props. Sam Strick played the folklorist and designed ...

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Part game, part performance, Atlantean Adrift enlists teams of players to help a lost merman regain his spirits and return to Atlantis.

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Adrift Atlantean A wayward Atlantean must return home, but hasn't the courage - only you can help! Start Time: Saturday June 13 4 PM Location: Brooklyn Waterfront ...

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Dec 23, 2003 · After the fall of Atlantis, the Atlanteans were set adrift without a land to call their own. ... LEGAL STUFF! Neither Age of Mythology or AOM: ...

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Atlantean Adrift is an interactive play where players must help an Atlantean regain the courage to return home. Authors: Samuel Strick, Ida Benedetto;

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Other gods were later revered by the Atlanteans ... left adrift, yet immortal, on ... of a Pacific colony of Atlantis. Atlantean science had created a group ...

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