Hack the SharePoint Interface: No Code Required!


The Content Editor Web Part is an extremely powerful tool for WSS and MOSS site managers. You can hack the interface to SharePoint without access to the server! Using simple javascripts, css and jQuery code, enhancements to the interface can be added without having to resort to programming.


Solutions for this workshop include:

  1. Automatically create a scroll window for large amounts of text
  2. Manage messaging with a central "Message of the Day" (MOD) panel
  3. Quick Launch Manager
    • Remove View All Content heading
    • Hide access to the recycle bin
    • Reclaim the entire quick launch space in calendar
  4. Display a count down timer, with time left to a specific event
  5. Activate "Press F1 for Help!" context sensitive menu
  6. Link two web parts to create an in-line page viewer

Workshop Description

Hack the SharePoint Interface: No Code Required! is a live online, hands-on session. Participation in this workshop includes access to an on-demand recording of the entire session, downloadable web parts for each of the solutions, and any resources used during the workshop.


Becoming a Power User in SharePoint includes an understanding of how the various components of the platform work. Use of the CEWP has become an essential tool when implementing interface solutions when a site manager has no access to the SharePoint server.

This live online workshop is aimed at Power Users and Site Managers who are responsible for managing their sites.


Testimonials from previous participants of live online EndUserSharePoint.com workshops:

"I found this workshop well worth the time and cost. Even after managing SPS for over three years and architecting our current MOSS solution I found it valuable to spend this time to review content types and to actually put it into action." -- Kip [The Basics of Content Types in SharePoint 2007]

"I love these sessions They get me to thinking what I can (or might) do with SharePoint! I never thought of using Content Types for things other than a library." -- Shannon [Create a Master Calendar in SharePoint]

"This is an excellent workshop. Mark answered every question and moderated with humor and patience through the usual communication hiccups with an audience that is international (Argentina, Ireland, all over the US)." -- Betsy [SharePoint Dashboards, Online]

"This workshop was absolutely worth the time and money. I learned alot and will be able to easily transfer it to my daily work. I can’t wait to impress my coworkers." -- Tammy [SharePoint Dashboards, Online]

"Was a great lab. Nice interraction between the host and the audience. Was great information and well presented with loads of reference materials which helps when retrying things on your own." -- Shaune [Create a Master Calendar in SharePoint]

"Don’t waste anymore time reading this to check out if it was worth it - stop reading and book your session!" -- Mick [SharePoint Dashboards, Online]

"This was one of the best training sessions I have attended. It delivered a lot of powerful information yet was simple to follow and participate in. I can’t wait for the next class!" -- Heidi [The Fundamentals of SharePoint Lists and Libraries, Online]

"...very professional work. The workshop format with the hands-on lab made the 3 hour webconferencing event a valuable experience for me." -- Urs [The Fundamentals of SharePoint Lists and Libraries, Online]

"What I got out of it the most was by far the use of Task Lists, that was exceptional ! I had no idea that they could be that useful. I’m planning on importing many of my spreadsheets into the site, including our business plan." -- Erik [The Fundamentals of SharePoint Lists and Libraries, Online]

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Hack the SharePoint Interface: No Code Required!: Guaranteed Seat Ended $89

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