Become Your Company's SharePoint SuperStar!

"Become Your Company's SharePoint Superstar!" is a special, live on-line session for SharePoint Power Users, the ones with all the responsibility and no authority to touch the servers. You know who you are.

"Please manage the site so that it looks really good, is highly functional and, oh by the way, don't touch the Master Pages and whatever you do, don't touch SharePoint Designer." Does this sound familiar?

Using the techniques shown in this workshop, you will be able work a little black magic on some basic interface problems without help from IT or access to the SharePoint server.

Here are a few things you will be able to do at the conclusion of the workshop:

  • Control the Quick Launch display… tweak, collapse and hide
  • Expand and contract all groups in a list
  • Create a preview pane to display metadata on a mouseover
  • Fix the Gantt view so that it's actually usable
  • Setup mouseovers in a calendar to expose event information
  • Display deep metadata in a list or library with a simple mouseover

You don't need to be a programmer. You don't need to be a super geek to get this stuff to work. You just need to have the right tools and know what to do with them. That's what we'll provide.

You get your own SharePoint sandbox so you can crash or site instead of your production server. You get ready to import web parts that will immediately help manage a page's interface. You get hands-on, step-by-step demos and instructions for implementing each of the techniques shown.

As if that's not enough, we'll record the entire session and you have access to the on-demand recording at the conclusion of the workshop.

I think between me and Paul Grenier, we’ll show you some things that will make your jaw drop and impress the hell out of your End Users. No kidding… Give us an hour and a half of your time on Friday and you’ll walk away as your company’s next SharePoint Superstar!

Your hosts for this special, live online session are Mark Miller, Founder and Editor of and Paul Grenier, Author and Moderator of Stump the Panel: SharePoint Q&A.

Testimonials from previous participants in "Become Your Company's SharePoint Superstar!"

I signed up on my own dime, but once the boss saw the results he offered to reimburse me. Now there’s a testimony to the value! -- Joyce

Absolutely worth every penny! Every web part provided solves a problem for my SharePoint users and I am already getting kudos for fixing them a mere two hours after the workshop ended. -- Jill

This workshop was excellent. I would recommend this workshop to any SharePoint professional looking to enhance their users experince working in SharePoint. -- Rich

The Hands-on, sandbox approach is what makes these sessions standout from any other on-line training. That is, when you have completed the 60 or 90 minutes, you KNOW how to apply what you learned, because you have already done it. -- Wanda

This was really a fun workshop! was easy to just drag and drop all the nicely built web part right onto your page. -- Shannon

The solutions are fantastic and most, most appreciated. Mark and Paul provided the workshop in a clear, easy to follow manner and answered all questions as they were brought up. -- Joan

My favorite web part from the session was the Preview Pane - I think it is fantastic how this can be used to show item details from both lists and library exposed on a page - that’s really powerful, and so easy to just drop on the page and watch the majic unfold. -- Carolyn

This event exceeded all my expectations.  I learned so much and left with some very valuable tools that will be used in many of the sites that I manage. -- Peter (read a comprehesive review)

The workshop exceeded all my expectations. -- Barry

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