The Fundamentals of SharePoint Lists and Libraries


For typical End Users and Information Workers, getting started with SharePoint is usually a trial and error process. This three hour, live online workshop with Hands-On sessions, takes the mystery out of libraries and lists by going through step-by-step processes for contributing and using information stored in SharePoint libraries and lists.

During the workshop, attendees have Contributor access to the lists and libraries used in the demos and are encouraged to participate in the Hands-On sessions.


  • Introduction
    • Welcome
    • The Presenter
    • The Agenda
  • Overview of Lists and Libraries
  • Libraries
    • What is a library
    • Put documents into a library
      • Upload
      • Create
      • Publish
    • Work with documents in a library
      • Edit with check in / check out
      • Work locally, affect globally
      • Set up a personal view
    • Track documents in a library
      • Versioning
      • Who has the document
      • Alerts
    • Types of libraries and their uses
  • Lists
    • What is a list
    • Contribute to a list
      • Add items
      • Edit items
      • Delete items
    • Filter for content
      • Dynamic filtering in the browser
      • Create and save filters as a view
    • Types of lists and their uses
      • Communication lists
      • Tracking lists
      • Custom lists
  • Case studies
    • Tracking issues through KPIs
    • Exposing documents through web parts
  • Summary
  • Conclusion

Who Should Attend This Workshop

The "Fundamentals" Series of Workshops by are for entry level and beginning level End Users of SharePoint who have Contributor permissions on their site. 

This series is also useful for Team Site Managers who will be supporting End Users and Site Members.

Testimonials from previous participants of Fundamentals of SharePoint Lists and Libraries

"This was one of the best training sessions I have attended. It delivered a lot of powerful information yet was simple to follow and participate in." - Heidi

"The hands on training along with following your lead, helped me get more confident in working in SharePoint." - Linda

"Very professional work. Thanks to Mark and his team. The workshop format with the hands-on lab made the 3 hours webconferencing event a valuable experience for me." - Urs

"I thought the training was terrific! Very informative and at a good pace." - Sharon

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Fundamentals of Lists and Libraries: Guaranteed Seat Ended $129

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