Wealth and Health Network June 2009 Meeting

Join us June 17th, 2009 for an AMAZING and EXTRAORDINARY evening.

Presentation from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm:

Prepare Yourself TODAY To
Make BIG Profits When the Cycle Turns!

 Find Out When the Real Estate Market
will Bottom Out...and UpCycle

Robert Campbell
Robert Campbell
Author and Real Estate Economist

The questions on everyone's mind these days are;

  • "What is going on with the Real Estate Market?"
  • "Where is it going next?"
  • "Is now a good time to buy ... or should I wait?"
  • "Should I sell now ... will housing prices go even higher?"
  • And the BIG question; "When is it going to hit bottom?”

Meet Robert Campbell and find out! Robert is a San Diego real estate economist who tracks 17 major U.S. housing markets to determine the most profitable times to buy and sell.

Robert is a highly sought-after Speaker and Author of his 'one of a kind' book, 'Timing the Real Estate Market' which has sold over 20,000 copies and his newsletter which has over 700 subscribers worldwide!!!

Every investor and real estate professional, beginner to seasoned investor will benefit from Robert's proven method! 

When it comes to making money in Real Estate, nothing beats GOOD TIMING!

Take the average home in Robert's native San Diego: in 1985 it was worth $155,000. Five years later it was worth $240,000. BUT if you held it for another five years until 1995, the price would have DROPPED to $180,000. The price rose to $600,000, a gain of over 200%. This year it has dropped again.

Sound familiar? Well you've just discovered the ups and downs of real estate market cycles.  Forget location, location, location...it's about when, when, when.  The current slump in real estate is the PERFECT TIME to add another TOOL to your investor tool belt.

How would you like to be able to predict the BEST TIME to buy at the market's lowest point and sell at the market's peak with NEAR CERTAINTY?

Find out how from Robert Campbell, creator of THE CAMPBELL METHOD:
Real Estate Profits by Design, Not Luck

Discover Robert's proven method of tracking and predicting real estate trends at the event on June 17th 

Learn How to Stay Ahead of Trends

Make no mistake about it: real estate markets are cyclical. Prices rise, prices drop, and then they rise again.

Unfortunately, when real estate trends do change, most people have been looking the wrong way at the wrong things and never see it coming. At market cycle peaks, for example, they see profits quickly erode away because they hold on to overpriced properties for much too long, with the expectation that prices will keep going up.  And then years later, at market cycle bottoms, these same people miss out on “once-in-a-lifetime bargains” because they are convinced that prices will continue to fall.  

It's safe to say that most people do not have a clue about how to time the real estate market and this is why they end up paying too much when they buy … and getting too little when they sell. Either way, they pay a huge price for “reacting late” to changing real estate trends.

Based on five key real estate indicators The Campbell Method is a clearly defined approach to real estate investing that shows you how to ANTICIPATE the peaks and valleys of real estate cycles with incredible accuracy.

The vital signs act as 'lead indicators' and give you as much as 3-6 months'advance notice' to the direction real estate prices are likely to take, long before it becomes obvious to the general public!

No hype here. Robert's method is a purely statistical data trending model that takes the emotion, guessing, and selling out of the real estate investing. So sound is Robert's method, it is taught at the Collegiate level in Southern California, including San Diego State.

And as a 30-year real estate veteran, Robert will share his frank and honest insight on the current market and what we face moving forward.

Learn How to Stay Ahead of Trends – Starting June 17th

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Radisson Dublin/Pleasanton Hotel
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