The Time is Now 11:59 Interactive Business Workshop

The Time Is Now 11:59

According to Rick Wilson DMD, "For the next 3 years, it's 11:59. All the time. And in spite of all odds, January was a good beginning for us. Because we made it so. Laser focus, people, that's the key. Full-throttle sense of purpose. Nothing less will do in these times. Trust me, though. You can do it." We think so, too. Let us tell you why you should be as excited as the minute before New Year's.

In an economy where every new client, every new project can feel like a stay of execution instead of a new start, you need to see every opportunity, and seize it.

Here's why.

And how.

As business owners, you don’t have time to do everything, and tasks that are not your strengths can seem daunting. In fact, you may not get to them at all. A sales team that is not coached, trained and managed is a team that shows weak performance, affecting your bottom line. Can you afford to miss any sales opportunity?


  • HERO Selling
  • Stop Trying to Make Oranges!
  • Why Choose Optimism?
  • Taking Daily Action Leads to Lasting Success
  • 11:59 - why you should be as excited as the minute before New Year's.
  • Why Don't Seagulls' Feet Freeze? - Learn why, and how you can apply this incredible ability in your own business.
  • The Bucket and the Basket - Learn how to apply the Carrot Principle and keep buckets and baskets full—but separate.
  • Career Renegades - how you can make a great living doing what you love.
  • How Does That Feel? -how to offload the stuff you don't like, and how to amplify the stuff you do—and the hard part: how to tell which is which!

Now is the time to attend this workshop and learn how to make 2009 your best business year yet!

What attendees are saying:

Dan Yamamoto: "very educational…they weren't trying to sell us a bill of goods…very current, up-to-date information that I can take back to my business and use, not tomorrow, but today…any small business, any type of business, could get quite a bit out of even half of what we heard here today…you walk away with a wealth of information…very informative."

Rick Cooper, The Attraction Marketing Expert: "great seminar…provides information that's going to help you move your business forward…great insight and strategies…Jerry shared a simple four-step sales process that was very effective in helping to understand exactly what you need to do to be able to sell more effectively…helped to inspire and motive me to take the next step."

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"Did you learn something today you can use in your business tomorrow?" So far 85%* of the attendees have said 'Yes'—we think you'll say 'Yes', too. *(the other 15% had no response.)

Name Sales End Price
Regular Price   Ended $100
DVD of the complete event (attendee price)   Ended $30

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Interactive Business Workshop: The Time is Now 11:59

May 25, 2009 · Join Us for an Interactive Seminar & Workshop Learn Why Now is the Time to Grow Your Business & How You Can Succeed While Others Fear and Fail


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