10 Secrets To Building Your Entertainment Career

10 Secrets To Building Your Entertainment Career 
Finally...A program to help you get where you really want to be with your entertainment career!
At this event you'll learn:
  • The truth about why some people make it while others don't.
  • How the entertainment industry really works and what you can do to stay in the game.
  • 10 winning strategies to ensure a successful entertainment career.
  • Fool-proof networking tips for the entertainment professional.
  • The most common pitfalls that you could sabotage your entire career.
  • How to determine if you have what it really takes to make it in the entertainment industry.
  • How to take control of your future and take your entertainment career to the next level.
Event Info
                                   Date: Thursday January 22, 2009
                         Time: 6:30-8:30pm
                         Location: Exhibit Creative
                                  105 West 3rd Ave
                                  Vancouver, BC V5Y 1E6
                    Cost: $25 (pre-registration required)
For more information call: 778-887-5374 or email njeri@shaw.ca

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Regular $25 $0.99

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