3 Scripts Class 6.28-30.05

NOTE: IF YOU SIGN UP, PRINT OUT THIS PAGE SO YOU REMEMBER THE TIMES OF THE CLASS STATED BELOW.All signups will get an assignment and phone number a week or so before the class. -- CLASS DATES AND TIMES:TUE-WED-THU June 28-30, 2005START TIME EACH DAY: 5:30PM PT 6:30PM MT 7:30PM CT 8:30PM ET This will be a three day fast class. 2-2.5 hours per day, together on the phone. Sign up at way bottom left. Options below.The "Three Scripts 3 Days Class" to help those who want to:1. Stop losing your new people because they're not making money...2. Reinvigorate your business - like the way it used to be...or the way it SHOULD be...3. Learn how to get 100 Customers in 100 days. What would you earn if they paid you $15/customer for even 20 customers, each month? That $300/mo you get is more than the cost of this class. What if you keep on earning that $300/mo for months and YEARS more, from loyal customer? Would that be worth it or not?The class will show you how to:*get rid of Seller Talk for good. *lead with YOUR hot button. *sound like a consumer-advisor instead of a seller. *find people like you.Just in from a recent 3 Scripts class..."Dear Kim, I have never felt comfortable talking about our products (even though they are awesome) because I never wanted to sound like a salesperson. I simply did not know what to say. You have given me a huge gift with the simple scripts and strategies. I now know that I can create customer volume and not sound salesy. Jana Kodysz, 3 Scripts class of 7.23.04, Big Planet rep"Hi Kim: I am SO glad I decided to take your class. It's the BEST and most HELPFUL & INFORMATIVE class I've ever taken. I've been a Shaklee consumer for 26 years and a Shaklee Coordinator for 10 years..." Cathy C., 3 Scripts Class of 4.27.04, Shaklee rep"After 28 years trying "new beginnings" for my business I had lost my sizzle. I had absolutely stopped talking with anyone about my business. Now I've learned to let them fall in love with me first. On the first date, BEFORE the 3 Scripts class, it was as if I couldn't decide what to wear so I was wearing ALL my clothes at the same time! NO MORE. I'm gathering old literature and cleaning house for a BON-FIRE! Its all outdated now." Betty Jo S., 3 Scripts class of 4.27.04, MannatechTWO MAIN OPTIONS - ACTIVE First 15 only. (interact and get your scripts customized)AUDITOR (=LISTEN ONLY)And within those, 3 options. Here goes. ACTIVES first.1. ACTIVE WITH NEW paperback Book: "If My Product's So Great, How Come I can't Sell It?" by Kim Klaver. ($219)2. ACTIVE WITH Ms Stud Collection + IF MY book (saves 40% off regular price at http://www.WhoWho911.com/collection.html ) ($279)3. ACTIVE with the online audio version of the 3 Scripts class + IF MY book. It's an edited version of the best of the live 3 scripts classes which totals 7.5-8 hours. It will be available later as a CD set for $129. It comes with this class option for about half that. ($279) 4. AUDITOR with no books or tapes. $995. AUDITOR WITH Ms Stud Collection + IF MY book (saves 40% off regular price at http://www.WhoWho911.com/collection.html ) $1796. AUDITOR WITH "IF MY PRODUCT" BOOK. $117*Choose your class at the bottom left below.In this class, we will create personal scripts for the 15 ACTIVE participants. Listening to this process helps others create their own. Plus the IF MY PRODUCT book has the sripting formulas and examples from others who have done it. More stories from grads of this class...“I did $1,200 in business in one day. In my 31 years in business I’ve never had a day like that, ever. The reason I took the class is because I’ve been wanting to call these people and didn’t know what to say. Now I just call them…” -- Mary Anton Shaklee"I realize now that I was someone who was always selling, convincing and talking technobabble. Now I know I am someone who can interest people in my products simply, feel great about it and get results.Do you know of anyone who is not getting the results they want, and are serious about building a business starting with customers. Please introduce them to Kim Klaver's course - 100 customers in 100 days...and sign up as fast as you can. If this works for you like I see it working for me, you will be smiling from ear to ear. Our products and Kim Klaver's system is a match made in heaven. I learned how to speak to anyone so they hear what I am saying. Including friends, referrals, cold market, situational and even my family.Kim Klaver, I thank you." -Doug Tumen, Executive Diamond Director, Ideal Health 3 Scripts Class of Nov 28, '03This will be a three day fast class. 2-2.5 hours per day, together on the phone.TUE-WED-THU June 28-30, 2005START TIME EACH DAY: 5:30PM PT 6:30PM MT 7:30PM CT 8:30PM ET My international friends: check world clock here http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock In this three day class, you will: *Learn how to lead with your HOT BUTTON. Learn "the three scripts", learn how to customize your talk to your product and your style, to help you find customers who love the product just like you do. Use the three scripts "for email contacts, personal contacts, cold market, phone messages, voice-mail messages -- everything we need with our company" Five people's scripts will be customized. All scripts are of course Hype-Free, pressure-free scripts and designed to call only the names of people like you. We will pick the most representative ones so you can use them or something very similar yourself."Dear Kim: I finally understand how we network marketers must sound to the average person, boy....no wonder a lot of people don't listen long enough to find out anything about our product. Learning that alone, was worth the price of your class...its like a paradigm shift (Now I also understand why I did better when I was brand new and just told people that "I just heard about a great new product from a friend" and they always asked me what it was and wanted to know about it)...my new script? I really do LOVE it MADLY !!" - Maggie, Mannatech 3-Scripts class of Sept 26, 2004 THIS CLASS - June 28-30 START TIME EACH DAY: 5:30PM PT 6:30PM MT 7:30PM CT 8:30PM ET Fondly,Kim Klaver http://KimKlaverProductions.com Kim@WhoWho911.comNOTE! 1. Your email confirming the phone number AND the homework assignment will come from either Kim@maxout.com or Kim@WhoWho911.com so make sure your email is set to receive mail from us. 2. The times of the class are what is stated HERE. So PRINT THIS OUT for your reference.

Name Sales End Price
ACTIVE 3 Scripts Class 6.28-30.05 WITH "IF MY PRODUCT" book Ended $219
ACTIVE 3 Scripts WITH Ms Stud Collection + IF MY bk 6.28-30.05 Ended $279
ACTIVE 3 Scripts WITH online audio 6.28-30.05 Ended $279
Auditor only - no books or tapes 6.28-30.05. Ended $99
AUDITOR WITH Ms Stud Collection + IF MY bk (saves 40% off regular price at http://www.WhoWho911.com/collection.html) 6.28-30.05 Ended $179
AUDITOR WITH online audio of 3 Scripts class + IF MY bk 6.28-30.05 Ended $179
AUDITOR WITH "IF MY PRODUCT" BOOK 6.28-30.05 Ended $117

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