C2E Training Online: Introduction to Buildout - Plone 3+

ATTENTION: This course is online. No travel required.

About the course

C2E Training Online: Introduction to Buildout  is a 2 hour introductory course designed to assist the new Plone user with utilizing buildout for site management and Product installation.

Course Information

Course fee: $40.00


Section One: Introduction

  1. Getting ready
  2. What's zc.buildout?
  3. Where are my files? 
  4. What are parts? 
  5. How do I add Product X?

Section Two: A buildout for a production site

  1. Products for production sites
  2. The ZEO database server
  3. The Zope instances
  4. Varnish - a caching proxy server


This course is an introductory class designed for the non-developer tasked with setting up a Plone site.

What you will learn from this course

Buildout is a key part of working with Plone. This course will give students a solid understanding of the buildout.cfg file. Where to add products, what sections in buildout.cfg you will need to touch and the sections you don't have to worry about.


  • Learn how to work with buildout.cfg
  • Ability to add and remove products
  • Access to the dozens of third party products hosted on pypi.python.org
  • Increase your comfort level working with buildout
  • Discover best practices in the Plone community


Before students attend the Intro to Buildout class they should have Plone-3.2.2+ installed using either the Unified Installer or the Windows Installer. They should know how to start and stop Plone. They
need to have a plain text editor. They need to know how to get into and use a command prompt or terminal window (depending on their OS)

Students should have a solid broadband connection and a headset with microphone (only a headset is fine though you'll need to type questions into chat box).

About the Instructor

LLarry Pitcher photoarry has been programming and using computers since before the IBM PC was introduced. He worked as a COBOL programmer in the United States Air Force, and later got interested in Network Management and Open Source Software.

For the last few years he has run his own company, Catapult Solutions, where he provides IT support to local businesses, and web site development to organizations all around the US Pacific Northwest.

He uses the Plone content management system for his web development platform.

Larry can sometimes be found in the #plone chat room using the nick "unclelarry."

Born in the state of Oregon, Larry loves to go hiking and camping whenever he can.


Name Sales End Price Fee
Student Ended $40 $1

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