Real Estate & Mortgage Income opportunity Webinar


Real Estate & Mortgage Income Opty. Webinar

Wed. June 13th 7:00 PM PST

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The Real Estate & Mortgage Industres are TRILLION DOLLAR Industries that have historically limited one9s inome to what an agent can personally produce. The only exception has been for Brokers, who have been able to 9leverage9 the time and effort of agents they recruit, train, supervise, and support.

That is no longer the case!

One of the most powerful and lucrative opportunities lies with a little know program that allows licensed real estate agents build a network of realetate agents NATIONWIDE which you can lead and leverage (override) from your home state.

Imagine having a few (or many) real estate agents in markets such as California, Florida, and 34 other states that would allow you to earn a portion of the commissions they generate (override), with or without a Brokers license!

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The other part of this secret takes place on the mortgage side of the house. The W-2 program allows you to also build a NATIONWIDE netwok of loan originators/officers that you too can override as well.

This webinar will cover all of the details in about 1 hour. You truly owe it to yourself to explore this opportunity and simply learn more about it, and what type of income you can generate.

This will NOT compete with what you do, but rather compliment it.

rich dad poor dad

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